Angel’s Review of ‘The Boy’ (No Spoilers)

Movie description: 

“An American nanny is shocked that her new English family’s boy is actually a life-sized doll. After she violates a list of strict rules, disturbing events make her believe that the doll is really alive.”

Whenever I hear of news that a horror film is in the works I get excited. I love horror movies. The rush they give
is a different/unique experience that other films from different genre’s cannot provide. The problem is, horror gets a bad reputation because of how lazy/poorly they can be made. The studios nowadays make these films for a couple million, recycle the jump scares, plots, and clichès which allows them to profit three times as much off the same/new audience interested to see it including myself. I always give a horror film a shot because if it’s done really well, I consider it to be really good because it did it’s job of scaring me. Add a great storyline with awesome performances then I’ll consider it a masterpiece. If a film has the ability to tell a great story while scaring you, I believe that’s memorable entertainment. That’s why I believe horror has so much potential.

Boy where do I start with this film? The Boy was atrocious haha. I remember seeing the trailer for this movie and thinking “wow this looks awful, but can it please surprise me?!” Well it did surprise me, it was worse than I thought it would be. I was never scared throughout the movie and I scare easily! What really upset me was the fact that they made the “scariest” parts false. They were either visions or dream sequences. WHY?!? It was misleading and pointless. Honestly, this movie was more of a comedy than horror which is sad. Laughing with the crowd made the film watchable, but that’s not what I want to do and feel when watching a HORROR film. Seriously? It’s ridiculous :/

The actors weren’t bad,but not good either, they were serviceable. I don’t know what Lauren Cohen (The Walking Dead) was thinking when she signed on to do this film. I also don’t know how the actors kept straight faces throughout each scene saying that dialogue. The chemistry between the two leads felt forced and unnatural which made me feel disconnected right away. This movie tried nothing original and stuck to the basic clichès making it less excited and scary. The story had potential, sure dolls can be terrifying, but The Boy was just laughable. I didn’t care about the characters so there’s nothing to be afraid of. Music is really important when wanting to create suspense/tension and they couldn’t even pull that off. The music was not effective at all. The twist near the end completely destroyed the movie for me. I think that was probably the most horrific part, it was horrific how terrible the twist was. They never explained the importance or reasoning of the plot twist. They just expected me to think that it would be so surprising, but it really made NO SENSE. I understand what the filmmakers were trying to do, but they executed it very poorly. The concept could have been creepier if taken in a different direction with better writers.

Overall, The Boy helped not only the horror genre, but film in general take a step backwards. There’s no point in seeing this film ever because it was simply made for a quick paycheck for the studio. If you want to kill some time watching this, make sure you watch it with a group of friends at home because you’ll have a better time mocking and laughing at the film. My rating for this film is 5.5/10

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  1. Well written review with many thought-provoking observations. I also find the horror genre fascinating for various reasons. Take a peep at my reviews of The Babadook and Goodnight Mommy to compare our approaches.

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