Angel’s Review of ‘Room’ (No Spoilers)

Movie Description:

“Held captive for years in an enclosed space, a woman (Brie Larson) and her 5-year-old son (Jacob Tremblay) finally gain their freedom, allowing the boy to experience the outside world for the first time.”

I remember seeing the trailer for ‘Room’ and knew right away that I was going to see this film. It looked so interesting and emotionally compelling. I had the privilege of working with Brie Larson previously on Short Term 12 and she’s nominated for an Oscar this year so that elevated my anticipation for this film.

Let me start off by saying, THIS MOVIE WAS PHENOMENAL. It exceeded my expectations in every way. There are several reasons why I loved this film and it excites me to talk about them.

The performances were fantastic. Everyone brought their A game whether they were a lead, supporting, heck even the extras! Brie Larson (Ma/Joy) was an incredible force and managed to make her character strong yet extremely vulnerable at the same time. It was great to see her act within the circumstances of the film because it felt so believable. However, this was Jacob Tremblay’s (Jack) film. I could not believe how captivated I was by this child actor. His character was adorable, intelligent, and brave. Jacob Tremblay was brilliant. He made me feel connected and care about who his character was and went through. He gives one of the best child performances I’ve ever seen. Together, Larson and Tremblay deliver a dynamic cinematic relationship that I’ll never forget. Seeing their character arcs change throughout the film was really interesting to watch. If their performances were sub-par, the film would not have worked. If Larson is to receive her Oscar this year, I’ll be cheering her on.

The story is beautiful. It grabbed my attention right away as it started from the beginning of their 5th and 7th year as hostages. As shown in the trailer, the captives manage to escape their way to freedom. The techniques that are shown to try to escape are so risky and made the film so thrilling. I felt just as nervous and scared as they were in that room; I remember my heart beating so fast! I was on the edge of my seat waiting and hoping that they remain safe. When they got out, the story became about their mental repercussions. I loved how most of the time we got to see the child’s perspective on the new information he was processing. It was fascinating to observe the story and world unfold for the characters once they escaped. The themes they emphasized through the story were relationships, attachment, reality, and development. This story made me understand how important development is for a child and appreciate the world that we are exposed to freely.

The direction was breathtaking. Abrahamson managed to get phenomenal performances from his actors, tell an amazing story with emotional impact, and made me reflect on my own thoughts. There wasn’t one shot in this film that was wasted. It all had a purpose, whether it was to show relationship, discovery, tension, or consequences. This movie brought tears to my eyes in several moments and it’s because he brought everything together as a masterful director perfectly. I would not be surprised if this film won the Oscar for Best Picture or Best Director.

There is one thing I wished they could have capitalized on in this movie to give an extra compelling force. William H. Macy was a pleasant surprise, but he had a position towards Tumblay’s character that is extremely controversial. You learn about who Tumblay’s father is and expect to hear an argument from William H. Macy as to why he can’t grow a relationship with his own grandson (Tumblay). Unfortunately, we never get to see that expand and I thought it would have been really great if they elaborated more on those relationship issues.

Overall, this film was a masterpiece. I loved it so much. It made me realize just how important development can be for our children. They are so curious/vulnerable and need to have a strong foundation so they can live their life happily.

I loved the message, the story, and the characters. There was no room for improvement. THIS IS A FILM THAT I THINK EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH. I’m so happy to give this rating because I think it deserves it. My rating for this film is 10/10!!! 😀 

5 responses to “Angel’s Review of ‘Room’ (No Spoilers)

  1. ‘Room’ is indeed a remarkable film (now I’m curious to read the book it’s based on). Brie Larson did a wonderful job, and she’s probably going to win that Academy. Too bad Tremblay wasn’t nominated, because he would have given the other contenders a run for their money.
    As for William H. Macy’s role in the movie, I think it makes sense that he kind of disappeared from the picture. He just couldn’t accept Jack as his grandson, the very sight of him was too painful. But rejecting Jack meant in a sense rejecting his daughter, too.

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    • Very true. They both gave great performances! Why Trumblay didn’t get more recognized is a mystery to me. I understand why William H Macy disappeared I just felt maybe they could have used one more scene with him to showcase his ability to add emotional impact to the story. There was already so much which I loved! They did an awesome job.

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  2. Good point on William H. Macy’s casting. They could have expanded his character a bit, and I felt it a waste that a fine actor like him had such minimal playtime ( all he said it seems is say I’m sorry over and over again). This film gave such an impact on me (similar to your experience) that I searched about the Fritzl and Castro cases. The novel has been loosely based on the Fritzl story. Strong performances indeed, and I won’t be surprised if Larson will get an Oscar nod from this.

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