Angel’s Review of ‘The Witch’ (No Spoilers)

Movie Description: 

“A family in 1630s New England is torn apart by the forces of witchcraft, black magic and possession.”

I love the thrill of horror, I’ll go see anything horror whether its bad or great. This genre needs a revamping and here comes along the first trailer of The Witch. It looked horrifying and it was one of my most anticipated films this year. Here we go!

I loved the visuals of the film. Many shots looked gorgeous which was fascinating to see in this horror movie. The environment creeped me out! This helped establish the tone of the film which was incredibly eerie. I thought the music was the scariest part of the film. It gave me chills and built the tension well, I was impressed!

I thought the performances were good, not great. I felt like the actors did the best they could do with the dialogue. Personally, I felt that it was difficult for them to be completely emotionally involved in their characters because of the New England old talk. I didn’t mind the New England Language, but I just had to be really patient to figure out the meaning/importance of what they were saying, making me feel disconnected.

In the trailer, David Ehrlich says, “One of the most genuinely unnerving horror films in recent memory.” WITCH, PLEASE?! Other than the tone and music, the film did not scare me. There was about 3-4 disturbing scenes in the movie and then that was it. The film ended and I thought, “really, that’s it?” I was let down because it’s suppose to be a horror movie at it failed to really frighten me.

I thought this film was SO SLOW. There was sequences where I needed the pace to pick up, I wanted it to get to the point. I had to be really invested in order to finish the story. The story was straight forward and simple, not too compelling.

Although this movie is called The Witch, there wasn’t development on her or the other entities causing the disturbing situations. What was the purpose of torturing the spirit of this family; The motives felt unclear. I saw the actual Witch for roughly less than 5 minutes of the film. I understand what they were trying to do, create suspension and horror without showing her, but I actually found it more frightening when I saw The Witch in frame.

Overall, maybe I raised my expectations too high. I was expecting something to refresh the Horror Genre and go down as an all time classic. I didn’t feel scared, I worked really hard to stay invested the whole time, and found myself bored most of the time. Being Robert Egger’s writing and directorial debut, he has so much potential! He managed to create solid visuals and tone which I enjoyed.

Unfortunately this film was a little disappointing, but not absolutely terrible. I think this would be a nice watch on Netflix during the night. My rating for this film is 6.5/10

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