Angel’s Review of ‘The Notebook’ (1st viewing ever!)

Movie Description: 

“A poor and passionate young man falls in love with a rich young woman and gives her a sense of freedom. They soon are separated by their social differences.”

Throughout my life, I’ve been asked several times, “ haven’t seen The Notebook?!” It’s praised as one of the best love stories ever brought to cinema. I’ve always been skeptical/nervous when thinking of watching the film just because I’m such a proponent of love and I didn’t want it to be awful.

It’s rare to find a romantic film that is great because they can be cheesy, cliché, and boring. I also think these types of film are a good example of how subjective film can be. This type of movie is not for everyone and that’s not bad. Our personalities, association, and preference come into play when watching these films (any film) and that’ll tune us in or out. That being said, let’s get started!

Okay I’ll say it..did I cry during this film? Hell yea I did haha. I really did not expect this to be a part of my experience! There were several things about this movie that caught me off guard and exceeded my expectations.

The performances were great. For me, Ryan Gosling is a one note actor most of the time, except for Place Beyond the Pines and Drive which are awesome! He was an interesting character in this movie and c’mon what a stud? Rachel McAdams killed it in this role. She stole every scene she was in. I was so impressed by her performance considering it was one of her first major roles. I thought their chemistry together was phenomenal. It felt so authentic and I was rooting for their relationship the whole time.

I also loved how it didn’t only show them happy all the time. They did fight with each other and I think that’s an important aspect of what can happen in a relationship. I think that in every relationship there are disputes, but it’s how people resolve the problem that keeps the relationship alive, growing, and strong. That’s what I saw through their chemistry. I think chemistry is one of the most important parts of romantic movies and they just nailed it. The rest of the cast did a great job keeping me invested in the story when they would show up.

The message was by far one of my favorite things to watch in this film. I interpreted the message to be that when it comes to love, people need to follow their heart and not to follow what guarantees security. YES! That’s exactly how I think about it as well. The movie did such an amazing job emphasizing the struggle of this emotional journey through McAdams’ character. The conversation she has with her mother about love and making the right choice was one of my favorite scenes.

The story was great. In the beginning scenes, I assumed their was a reveal they were going to show at the end of the film which I would have been really disappointed with because I saw it coming. Although it was predictable, they didn’t use it to end the movie with. They revealed it about three quarters into the film and I loved how subtle, yet powerful it was.

The story was told in a different way that I found to be refreshing and iconic! It was interesting to see the characters develop throughout the years, it changed their relationship as how it happens in life as well. Yes, I thought some lines were cheesy, but not over the top to where it’s distracting; I had a smile on my face. I really enjoyed that I didn’t notice any cliches, that’s an accomplishment.

I loved the passion that Gosling’s character embraced and delivered. I was able to relate to him about everything he said. Not so much his actions haha, I haven’t built a house yet, but I do love my girlfriend with everything that I am. She’s my soulmate that I intend to love in this life and the next. I had the blessing of experiencing this film with her and when his character was talking about how love awakens the soul and makes you want to reach for more I was reflecting upon the same exact feelings I had towards her.

Near the end, McAdams asked if their love can make miracles and of course he said yes. It’s as if the characters were speaking from my heart. Of course this is where I broke down, but very happily. The last scene was so devastating, yet absolutely beautiful. I thought about how lucky I am and continue to be when I’m with Luciana. I love her beyond belief. I never thought I would find her so soon, but I did.

If  could think of something I want to nitpick maybe it would be the runtime? Maybe it felt too long, but I really didn’t have any other problem. Those of you who are sensitive like me, be prepared with those tissues haha.

This film isn’t for everyone and it’s not perfect, but I did love it. I loved this film because it made me reflect upon the most important relationship that I have. It makes me want to be the best that I can everyday for her, so that when it’s my time to go I’ll know I did okay by her side. The performances were great, chemistry was fantastic, narrative structure and story was nice to follow, the message was outstanding. Always follow YOUR heart. My rating for this film is 10/10! 💚😊

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