Tim’s Oscar Predictions

As the Oscars approach this very moment, I’m offering up what I think and hope will win in each category. This is subjective, so feel free to disagree in the comments.

Now, have I seen EVERY single nominated movie? Admittedly I haven’t, so disclaimer, I am also using critic and fan consensus into factoring my decisions.

With that out of the way, LETS ROCK N ROLLLLLLLLLL

Best Picture

The Revenant – The Revenant was a riveting story carried with the cathartic emotion of vengeance and justice. The acting, cinemtagrophy, story, and direction are all superb, this is most likely the film to be picked for best picture. A CLOSE second would be Mad Max: Fury Road.

Best Animated Feature Film

Inside Out – Simply because it’s Pixar. Can’t really argue that. Also, the movie was definitely great both in the animation department, voice acting, and story. And… It’s Pixar.

Best Director

George Miller – Mad Max: Fury Road. The direction of this film is definitely the backbone to its success. The premise and idea of this movie is silly, but like Kubrick did with A Clockwork Orange, Miller did with Mad Max, I can see him winning this category.

Best Actor

Leonardo DiCaprio – His performance in The Revenant was gritty, chilling, and emotional. He brings his A-game to this film, his presence on screen was the most moving for me and let’s all be honest… It’s about damn time he got this award, long overdue for him.

Best Supporting Actor

TIE Tom Hardy OR Sylvester Stallone – You know a villain is great on screen when you absolutely despise his guts. Tom Hardy was GREAT as Fitzgerald and his transformation into the character really speaks to his acting capabilities from Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, to The Revenant. Sylvester Stallone is known for his cheesy acting and his unbearable voice, however in Creed he shocked me with his acting chops. I was pleasantly surprised to see his talent manifest on screen again, the last time I saw that was First Blood.

Best Actress

Brie Larson – I remembered Brie Larson mainly as Envy Adams and that was it. After watching Room, I see her as Joy, absolutely great performance and definitely a shock to me. Definitely the film where we see Brie Larson at her absolute best, I think this Oscar nod for her will be both her first nomination and her first win.

Best Supporting Actress

Jennifer Jason Leigh – The Hateful Eight isn’t Tarantino’s best, but the acting by Leigh as Domergue was phenomenal. I mean, talk about a total transformation. She embodied the character of a psychotic outlaw very well and did a great job being a menacing antagonist. I think her performance outshines the rest of the nominees and will garner her a win.


Stumped… – With the exception of Carol, all the films nominated have an outstanding chance of winning. I can’t really pick on over the other. Sicario definitely had great camera work showcasing action and building tension. Mad Max: Fury Road was incredible in it’s delivery of the car chases and action sequences. The Revenant use of lighting and showcasing nature was stunning. The Hateful Eight also had phenomenal camera work building paranoia and delivering the story. It’s really up in the air.

Costume Design

Probably going to be Cinderella or The Danish Girl, but I seriously hope it’s Mad Max.


Amy. I’ve heard great things about it, but I’m not big on documentaries so I won’t be surprised if I’m wrong about this one.

Film Editing

Will most likely go to The Revenant or Mad Max, editing in those movies were great and nigh flawless. But… I hope it’s Star Wars. PLEASE. (Bias)

Foreign Language Film

Didn’t watch any… I know, I’m terrible…

Music (Score)

Star Wars – John Williams will never cease to amaze audiences. His musical scores will be remembered as the most iconic for the rest of time, I am confident he’ll win best score but I wouldn’t be surprised if he lost to any of the other nominees.

Music (Original Song)

Just watch it be “Earned It” from Fifty Shades.

Production Design

Mad Max: Fury Road – Will definitely win, I couldn’t see it not winning. The production design for this film was so original, unique, and bad ass. The practical sets and props were absolutely incredible. The steampunk gritty post-apocalyptic look was so damn bad ass. Also, flame thrower guitar, who didn’t love that? And it was 100% bona fide REAL. This will definitely take the award.

Short Film (Animated)

Didn’t watch any.. I know, I’m terrible…

Short Film (Live Action)

Didn’t watch any… I know, I’m terrible…

Visual Effects

TIE Mad Max: Fury Road or Star Wars – Both were breathtaking and made me want to wet myself in theaters. I can see either one winning.

Best Adapted Screenplay

TIE Room or The Big Short – I can’t decide between the two, both were great adaptations!

Best Original Screenplay

Straight Outta Compton – Amazing biopic, dramatized for the screen, but this film was amazing. Would love to see it win this. I can see Bridge of Spies taking it though.


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