Angel’s Review of Hardcore Henry (Non Spoiler)


Movie Description:


“A first-person action film from the eyes of Henry, who’s resurrected from death with no memory. He must discover his identity and save his wife from a warlord with a plan to bio-engineer soldiers.”


When I saw this trailer for the first time (this film was originally called “Hardcore”), it looked insane! I knew I was going to see it because it looked crazy, entertaining, and innovative. If you suffer from motion sickness or are sensitive to violence, you will not enjoy this movie, other than that, let’s get started!


I thought Hardcore Henry was incredible. I recommend anyone to go see this film at the theater because, whether you enjoy the film or not, it’s an experience you’ve never encountered before.


This entire movie is from the main characters point of view and it’s mind blowing how they were able to film the majority of the sequences. I kept thinking to myself, “How the heck did they film this?!” It was really amazing. Hardcore Henry is an adrenaline rollercoaster from beginning to end. It’s not “The Raid” or “Mad Max: Fury Road” incredible, which I recommend everyone to watch, but Hardcore Henry is just a tad below.


Action buffs are going to eat this film up! It’s so action packed and I can’t remember looking away from the screen for one second.


The beginning sequence reminded me of the Deadpool movie introduction which automatically hooked me in and gave me an idea for what type of film I’m getting myself into. I really loved that Hardcore Henry had so many elements within in it such as a Call of Duty game, a Deadpool movie, a Punisher movie, and a Bourne movie all in one, but on steroids x10! It’s probably one of the most gruesome movies I’ve ever seen.


All the actors in the movie gave solid performances. The standout who stole every scene was Sharlto Copley, who I’ve appreciated every since his performance in District 9. He was brilliant in this film because he plays a character that is so versatile and radiated so much joy in playing his part that transcended through the screen. He elevated my experience because he was just so great and hilarious.


I enjoyed the story. As you see in the trailers it starts off with Henry waking up and getting informed by his wife that he lost his memory and once she gets taken by the antagonist, he needs to piece things together and save her. I have seen the amnesia story plot several times, but it didn’t bother me in this case because it felt original. This movie isn’t predictable at all and I really loved the end, it gave me chills!


Surprisingly, I actually connected with the faceless Henry the whole time and cared about what obstacles would come his way. The performance from his wife (Haley Bennett) really help start that off and that’s where good directing comes in because although the actors were looking at the screen, it didn’t feel like they were breaking the first wall talking to me. The way the camera would movie during interactions with other characters and even during the action shots gave Henry personality,


My minor problems were technical and that’s only because some action sequences were shot poorly and it was hard to understand what was going on at times. This happened rarely.


Overall, I loved this movie. I loved how innovative it was, how insane it was, how interesting the story was, how action packed it was, loved the humor, and really enjoyed the performances. I got a rare experience and that’s why I recommend this movie to anyone that doesn’t suffer from motion sickness or is sensitive to violence. Hardcore Henry was FREAKING awesome! My rating for this film is 9/10! 

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