Ep. 26: Alicia Vikander to star in Tomb Raider/”The Flash” Director Drops Out & More!

On this episode of the G.O.A.T. Movie Podcast, Angel, Julius, and Daniel discuss Civil War Debate Winner & Special Shout Out & Thank You To All Voters, Alicia Vikander to star in Tomb Raider, Disney Studios Announces 9 live action films, Paul Rudd to star in World War 2 Biopic “The Catcher is a Spy,” “The Flash” Director Drops Out, Shinobi Film in the Works and TWITTER QUESTIONS:


“So Dazzler is teased right? But people are saying @TaylorSwift13 play her what do you think?”


“Not sure where to ask questions for a future video, but is there any film remake you guys like better than the original?”


“how much does CA CW make opening weekend? I say 215 million opening weekend”

Enjoy 🙂 Thanks for listening!

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