Tim’s Review of ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Before we begin, let this be a fair warning, I am going to discuss parts of the movie in detail, thus this is a SPOILER WARNING. Please! You have been warned! After the bottom picture there is no going back!!!!!! 








This movie is phenomenal. As with all my reviews I will lay out a pro-con format of the movie!

What I liked LOVED about this movie:

  • This is hands down one of the best performances by Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. The acting is powerful and the tensions between their characters are palpable through the film. It honestly feels like a tragedy watching their friendship and working relationship crumble apart because of their differences. The conference room scene where Stark and Rogers are discussing signing the Accords along with the final battle between them are some of the best emotional showcases by both actors. Incredible Oscar-worthy performances by both and I don’t say that lightly.
  • Choreography was PHENOMENAL. Every character had a part and no character felt left out during the fight scenes. Hawkeye also had an amazing part in the fight with Ant-Man riding his arrow. T’Challa (Black Panther) had incredible fight scenes, his triple air kick during his fight with Cap at Leipzig Airport almost made me wet my pants because it was just THAT sick. The fight scenes were fun but also tense, especially with the brutal smack down at the end between Iron Man, Bucky, and Captain America.
  • Helmut Zemo was a great villain, I though Daniel Bruhl did an excellent job. Zemo embodied what Lex Luthor should have been in BvS. He had a clear motive, he was menacing, and he was calculating. I thought he could’ve had a bit more screen time but his ending with his attempted suicide and his smiling “did I lose?” line to Everett Ross was incredible. Wonderful acting and he did his job, he hurt the Avengers more than any villain ever has… So far… 🙂
  • Every hero had proper screen time. It didn’t feel all jumbled together (*ahem* BvS) and each hero had great motivations for why the chose the side that they did. The movie does a great job introducing conflict with the Sokovia Accords and EVERY actor had its spot in the movie to shine. This is a great example of superb writing and directing. You can honestly see the love and effort that went into making this film an amazing movie for everyone to enjoy. From Black Widow to Hawkeye, Vision to War Machine, and Scarlet Witch to Ant-Man, every character shines bright and it meshes SO  well. Hell even General Ross and Everett Ross and Sharon Carter weren’t left out!

Also, let me give a shout-out to this boy:


  • Spider-Man was an amazing addition to the film! I loved every minute of him and he definitely was the AMAZING Spider-Man! Tom Holland embodied everything I love about Spider-Man in the moments he was present in the film. I loved his Peter Parker and I have nothing but praise. As a comic book fan, prepare to fall in love with this Peter, he is comic accurate and his presence feels lifted from the comics straight onto the movie. And the best part is that he was not just shoe-horned in, it was fluid with his introduction and I loved the fan-service Marvel gave us. They didn’t have to put him in, but I’m glad they did.

What I disliked about the movie:

  • The CGI was a bit off at times with Spidey’s costume but that’s only a nitpick!
  • Like most Marvel films, there is no sense of danger for the characters. I knew they were all going to live because Infinity War is going to be a thing and I know that Marvel can’t really off anyone yet. The movie also seems a bit like an introduction and trailer for Black Panther and Spider-Man, but again the power of their acting and their clever use in the story in every way makes up for this negative.
  • The movie did a great job with keeping both sides balanced, but it is still biased! One of my major complaints is that Civil War tried to paint itself in the comics as this morally gray issue and told the readers to “pick a side”. However Millar (whom I respect and is a GREAT author by the way) stacks so many negatives onto Tony, and the tie-in authors also started to paint Registration as a sin and only added positives to Cap’s side. The movie doesn’t do that blatantly as the comic books did but it still showed with Tony’s rage at the end fight, the downfall of his team mates, and the betrayal and arguments with Black Widow. I understand it’s a Captain America film so I don’t see this negative as a big one, but it was still a glaring issue for me since I am an Iron Man supporter and pro-Registration. Supporting Iron Man is an unpopular position and an uphill battle and that to me isn’t a balanced fight if we’re talking about equal sides.

*Note: Everything I wanted to say and then some about supporting Iron Man in Civil War is all on the debate video my fellow podcast members and I did on our YouTube channel, here it is if you want to check that out:


Final Thoughts:

This movie will forever have a place in my top ten superhero movie list and top ten of the year list. Civil War was executed flawlessly and it is a great film to go have fun, see powerful performances, witty humor, and fantastic action sequences wrapped in one pleasure package. The best part is that we all know it won’t be over and it leaves the audience craving for more. What a great time to be a fan boy!

Regardless if you’re team Cap or team Iron Man, the movie is amazing and at the end of the day we’re all just fans!

Was it better than Star Wars 7 though? 😉 Rating wise maybe, but it just didn’t beat that splendor I had for Star Wars, but that’s just my bias hahahahaha.

I award Captain America: Civil War a VERY rare:

10/10 Movie Perfection, as good as they can come. 

And as always, do yourself a favor and stay after the credits for both scenes! 







7 responses to “Tim’s Review of ‘Captain America: Civil War’

  1. I agree with you saying there isn’t really a sense of danger for the characters, in fact I was pretty much convinced that someone was going to get killed off in this film at some point (especially since Marvel keeps introducing so many new characters). But overall I loved this film as well.


    • Great to hear you enjoyed the film too! I think Marvel does an excellent job introducing and juggling new characters. The lack of death is a bit annoying at times but the studio does a great job at making you love them too much to watch them die. Watching Quicksilver’s death in theaters was gutting since he was so cool but in the end I knew it was necessary and applauded the decision to keep him dead… for now that is. 😉


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  2. I think the “lack of danger” caused the problem where there weren’t really any high stakes in the film. There was no danger because none of the Avengers were out to kill each other really, so it was just a big fight where no one was really trying to hurt anyone (except maybe Black Panther trying to get at Winter Soldier). I also agree that as a Capt. America movie, it was clearly biased in his favor. Civil War was such a great storyline in the comics that, while I sided with Captain America in the end, I constantly had a back-and-forth while reading it. This would’ve been a better conflict if it were an Avengers film, although I think that opens doors/questions to how they’d use Thor and Hulk and such, which could also be character overload if they didn’t think it out further.
    Nice Review!


    • Thank you for your compliment and reading my review! Completely agree on the no danger, I was still on the edge of my seat watching the fighting but I knew key characters were going to be safe (Panther, Spidey, Iron Man, etc.) because they’re all going to be in the next movies. It does take away the danger element and makes the fighting kind of pointless which is just a very minor flaw in an otherwise amazing movie.

      Glad to hear you also share my view point on the one-sidedness. Often these movies only make it harder for Iron Man supporters to gain an edge in the debate because the movie itself is skewed towards a character. I don’t think this should’ve been an Avengers installment because I feel the final or third one should be the all-out finale for the characters, not the “Civil War” storyline. 🙂



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    You can nominate people yourself thereafter if you like and ask them your own questions


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