Tim’s Review of ‘Civil War II #1’


Civil War II

This review will contain spoilers. With that being said, please read at your own caution! You have been warned!!!









I never thought in a million years that they’d ever consider doing a Civil War sequel. I honestly believed that Civil War would be a one and done event. Rarely do you ever see sequels to major events, just spin-offs, aftermaths, prequels, tie-ins, and reboots. This came as a surprise to me, I honestly had no idea what the heroes could fight about this time. 

Also, what made me nervous was that Mark Millar wasn’t returning. Now, I know previously I mentioned in my Civil War movie review and in the GOAT Civil War debate that I wasn’t the biggest fan of Millar’s writing in Civil War (it had some biases). But nonetheless Civil War was a totally solid comic event and I thought that Millar did a good job regardless. I usually entrust authors like Millar or Geoff Johns to handle massive events like these, so seeing Bendis take the reigns was kind of nerve racking. 

Needless to say, I was wrong. 

What I liked LOVED about this comic:

  • I absolutely loved the sense of danger this story line is giving so far. Already we see War Machine get utterly wrecked and killed by Thanos and She-Hulk is presumably dead after a fierce battle (it is mentioned in the comic she is dying and may never walk again). This ups the stakes of the last Civil War and is honestly gut wrenching, but in a good way. I love this new breath of fresh air, I guess in the MCU no one ever stays dead but in the comic-verse the risks are high! I can’t wait to see what’s in store next! 
  • It is harder to pick a side in this one. I had a tough time trying to side with one person. On one hand I sided with Captain Marvel because she understands how many lives can be saved by being pro-Predictive Justice. However, I’m a firm believer of punishment coming after the crime, it is wrong to use Ulysses (the new-found Inhuman who can tell the future) to punish people before they even commit their crimes, that’s a police state I wouldn’t want to live in. So in the end I sided with Tony on the anti-Predictive Justice side. These interesting conflicts and the harder choice the comic presents is an amazing addition to the story line and thickens the plot with drama well 
  • I had my reserves about Bendis after AvX (I don’t always agree with the way he writes Captain America, I’d have figures he’d be with Tony on this one) but so far in this issue I have extremely high hopes for this event. Can’t wait to see how he decides to pen this story! The writing and dialogue is superb and it was a complete page turner. I finished the issue in about ten minutes just reading the dialogue. 
  • The artwork is phenomenal. Justin Ponsor and David Marquez are excellent in colors and pencils/inks respectively. Well done! 

What I didn’t like about this comic:

  • I honestly thought that the comic could have done more explaining the sides. It seemed a bit rushed on their explanations on why Tony and Carol disagree with each other so much. I know Rhodey’s death really struck a nerve on Tony, but I honestly thought there should’ve been more than just a pathos reason for Tony to all-out disagree with pro-Predictive Justice. 
  • Although I really, really, REALLY, liked the new sense of danger that’s been established. I think that if they didn’t kill War Machine and didn’t leave a cliffhanger on the status of She-Hulk this comic wouldn’t have been all that special. It is a big event, but really that had to be the most memorable thing that came from it. Not saying that this is a complete negative, the story is solid and I did enjoy it a lot, but the lasting impact came from the action and not the issue of pro or anti-Predictive Justice itself. 

Overall, Civil War II is off to a great start. Issue #1 is solid and I recommend you all to get out there and pick it up! Who knows how expensive this’ll get in the future! Support the industry! 

I give Civil War II a solid: 

9/10 – A great read and a great start! 

Let me know if you agree or disagree! Which side are you on!?!

Civil War II 3


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