Old Man Logan so far… by Julius

Wolverine has had a very long history with many different stories and adventures… but now, he’s dead. James ‘Logan’ Howlett died in 2014’s “Death of Wolverine.” He had no X-Men to wok with, no morals to follow, and no healing factor to save him. He died, and it was peaceful… one comic book death that will be remembered for years to come.


But before all that, in 2008… there was another story. A ‘What If?’ book called “WOLVERINE: OLD MAN LOGAN.”


In this story, the world is very different than what most readers are used to in the Marvel Universe.

Set 50 years in the future, the world is taken over by villains and James Howlett is trying to get by and take care of his family. James is a pacifist and has vowed never to use his powers on anyone ever again, after a tragic moment, when the villains took over. But due to another tragedy, Wolverine goes on a new adventure, looking for vengeance.

The book was never set in the main Marvel 616 continuity, so once the book finished, that was it for Old Man Logan… until 2015.


Secret Wars… a story that takes almost every Marvel Universe, and makes them battle. In a world where Doctor Doom is God after the Ultimate Marvel Universe and the main 616 Universe destroy each other, heroes and villains fight to restore the world as it once was.

Marvel Zombies, 1602, Age of Apocalypse! All these different “What If?” stories coming together and creating great new stories and adventures… including Old Man Logan.


Marvel brought back the beloved different version of Wolverine and gave him a new adventure. In this mini series, Wolverine finds out that the Wastelands are just a small piece of Dooms Battleworld, and he has to deal with seeing old faces that he thought he would never see again. Is he crazy, or does this world ruled by Doom not fit together so well?


After Secret Wars, Old Man Logan was brought into the New Marvel Universe. He has to deal with this new world that he’s stuck in, where all the people he saw die are alive, and where the younger Wolverine is dead.

This book so far… is DAMN GOOD.

I could go on for hours talking about how the story, art, character moments, writing, morality, and continuity moments are great, but for me, what makes this book so good is that it’s something new.

The Wolverine that died, isn’t coming back. That’s for certain. Marvel found a way to keep using this character but in a clever way. Logan in this book doesn’t only have claws but psychological trauma. He meets certain characters that come into play later in other books, and it’s just fascinating to see him interact with characters that we already know.

It’s awesome to see him meet and talk to Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), The Totally Awesome Hulk, and Old Man Steve Rogers. That’s cool as a fan, and it fits really well into the over arching story.


Plus, THIS moment is great. 12.jpg

I love this book, and I cannot wait to see more! If you can buy it, BUY IT! Totally worth it. Keep it coming Marvel!

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