Tim’s Review of ‘Sing Street’ (SPOILERS)

This is my review of the movie “Sing Street”, and it will contain spoilers. This movie has been out for about 3 months so go check it out if you haven’t! Anyways, as a courtesy.









“Sing Street” was an absolutely incredible film. Very few movies (excluding comedies) have the power to keep me intrigued and smiling throughout the entire run time. I was absolutely in love with the 80’s setting it had and the characters of the film.

What I liked LOVED about this movie:

  • The acting is top notch.Usually child/teen actors are terrible. Just take note from the Disney Channel or any other movies that have child/teen actors in them and tell me straight that they were good. I mean, with “Spider-Man Homecoming” coming out maybe that perception can be shattered, but on average usually child actors don’t measure up. Yet this movie has no-name actors coming out into the big spotlight and they shine greatly. Conor aka Cosmo and Raphina (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo and Lucy Boynton) were great and they brought such an absolute genuine uniqueness to their characters that’s hard pressed to find in films these days. Their scenes together at the park or on the bench after she returns from London were very moving and great! Like you can feel the romantic tension between the two. Sing Street Band
    How could you not like these guys? Incredible cast!
  • The story was incredible. Is it cliched? YES. But the movie itself does so well to take these tired tropes of starting a band to get the girl into the feel good movie of the decade. Honestly, the story is only the foundation for the movie, the characters and the acting is definitely what elevates it and gives it unique substance. The way the movie is shot and the way the movie carries itself tonally and thematically was so enamoring, you can’t help but fall in love with Conor and his band mates and you find yourself rooting for their success. You feel for these characters so much that the story itself melds with its tropes to create something new, not just reject them entirely nor overuse them. The dialogue and the characterization was also amazing, loved the concise and subtle backstories you get as the movie progresses and the movie hits home with the messages it sends with its themes.
  • The soundtrack is great. So 80’s retro, but the era isn’t what makes the music incredible. The singing, the instruments, the writing, and even the way the band looks all added to the incredible original soundtrack. There were songs from the 80’s in there too, it makes you appreciate The Cure and Duran Duran more than you would have before. I love the music and the songs that were sung in the film. And it’s not overdone at all! This isn’t a musical, but music is an important and incredible part of the narrative.
  • The casting was great! Mark McKenna was funny and good as Eamon, one of my favorite characters in the film. The cast were no-names essentially but that doesn’t hinder the film, it helps it! It helps give the film a grounded feel without losing its fairy-tale like feel good feeling! It helps make the cast relatable and their acting chops were honestly great! Like really really good, it surprised me a lot.
  • The art direction was great. It was comical yet amazing. Again, a great period piece and a great way to show life as a school boy in rough Ireland.
  • Jack Reynor was also great as Conor’s brother. Great acting and his blowup scene in the film was a great example of his talent.
    Sing Street Brothers

The brothers

  • The humor is not in your face and terrible. It’s subtly funny and any boy or girl growing up in a rough time or area can appreciate the film and its humor greatly!

What I disliked about this movie:

  • NOTHING. I’m being for real here. Nothing.

“Sing Street” was absolutely incredible. What a breath of fresh air from all the blockbusters and epics and other serious power piece drama films and dumb comedies we’ve been getting. This was such a surprise to me! I was intrigued by the trailer but didn’t think much of it at first. I am so glad that I decided to give this movie a shot.

Sing Street Band 3                                                                                     Their first video.

Without any exaggeration I say that this is my favorite film of 2016 so far. I love movies like these, it had a “School of Rock” meets “Breakfast Club” meets “Every other feel good movie” compiled into one.

Do I still think “Captain America: Civil War” was amazing? Yes! Do I think this movie is better? 😉

It’s movies like “Sing Street” that help me remember why I love cinema so much. This was honestly the greatest film I’ve seen so far this year. Without exaggeration. It’s up there with “Civil War”. Please go check this film out. Whether you agree or disagree, this film didn’t get to 97% on Rotten Tomatoes for no reason! 🙂 hahahaha

I give “Sing Street” a rare 10/10, great piece of cinema! 

Let me know what you guys think? Agree? Disagree?

Sing Street Band 2Ready to Rock and Roll!!!

Sing Street Album Art

I’d buy this for sure.



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