Angel’s Review of ‘Ghostbusters’ (Non Spoiler)

Movie Description:

“Following a ghost invasion of Manhattan, paranormal enthusiasts Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates, nuclear engineer Jillian Holtzmann, and subway worker Patty Tolan band together to stop the otherworldly threat.”


I was very nervous about this film because the trailers weren’t good, but I still had some hope that it could be great because of Director Paul Feig and this hilarious cast. I’m always looking forward to every single film I get the privilege to watch in the theater because I never want to waste my time there and I never want to dislike any film. I was okay with a Ghostbusters remake because, hey even if it has the potential to not be great or as good as it’s predecessor, we still have those originals to hold on to and cherish forever. Let’s get started šŸ™‚

The Story:

Unfortunately, I wasn’t invested in the story. It was the typical end of the world scenario with a surplus of invaders in which we’ve all seen before and I never felt anything was at stake because of the full blown comedic direction this film took. What also didn’t allow me to connect with this take on Ghostbusters was that it brought nothing originalĀ to the property.


I kept thinking, why make this film, a remake, if the direction was not to bring something new to the table with immense passion told through an interesting vision. Remakes should only be made if they consist of something original and a different perspective on the source material, we have phenomenal examples of those: Scarface, The Departed, Dredd, True Grit, etc. It can totally be done, it’s just extremely difficult, and I felt this wasn’t a satisfying remake.

ghostbusters2016.jpgĀ scarfacea_a_l.jpg



These actresses are absolutely hysterical. I’ve seen each and every single one of them shine in several rolesĀ that they have been a part of and elevating the quality of those projects. The biggest draw to this film for me was this cast of incredible comics. The thing was, I felt this was on the weaker side of their work that they have shared with us. I’ve seen them do material way funnier then what they presented in this movie, but I don’t think it’s their fault at all, they did great with what they were given and I appreciate that.


The stand outs for me in this movie were definitely Leslie Jones and Chris Hemsworth. Leslie Jones cracked me up in this movie while feeling like a real character, she seemed the most genuine out of all the characters and that’s pretty tough to do with the direction this film decided to take. That’s something really positive that she was able to pull off because that’s what the original Ghostbusters manage to give us, real characters that allow us to connect with them and make us intrigued to see them on a whacky adventure.

47955af2f3544d18430e8736c62c63870bab0251.jpgĀ ghostbusters-cast.jpg

Chris Hemsworth almost stole the film for me because I laughed pretty hard in every scene he was in. He played such a moron pretty damn good and it actually reminded me of how he behaved in the first Thor film when he was unfamiliar with earthly behavior, seeing him play an oblivious character was amazing to see, especially his interaction with the rest of the team.


Everyone else felt like parody characters. They are scientists that make these poor goofy choices because that’s the direction, but I felt there was something extremely interesting they could have executed here. There’s no doubt in my mind that these actors can give us dramatic chops, in fact I’ve seen that from Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. Instead, they just felt like actors who gave us characters who were pretty much doing whatever they felt like in a comedic sense and it just didn’t make meĀ care about their actions or their development.



I love laughing and it doesn’t take much to get me to laugh, but I was underwhelmed with the comedy in this movie. The quality of comedy from this team has been greater, Spy and bridesmaids are hilarious, but this was definitely not up to par with that. What really threw me off was how hard my crowd was laughing at some of the jokes that I thought were pretty silly, including a fart joke.

I kept thinking, wait I want to laugh too, why aren’t I laughing!? Jokes that have been presented in the trailers were also producing roars of laughter and I felt excluded just because I’ve seen those which were hilarious the first time. Maybe it was just me, but comedy is extremely subjective, I just really wish I was laughing as much as the crowd!



The theme I interpreted from this version of Ghostbusters is to believe in what you trust and believe in yourself. The reason I believe this is the message is because we have Kristen Wiig/ Melissa McCarthy’s characters told their entire life that they were crazy for believing in ghosts, as a result, they wereĀ teased and went on separate paths. Wiig didn’t believe in herself and what she was passionate about anymore, therefore, the others doubting her created and directedĀ the path of what she’d be doing with her life, rather than her making that decision. It’s important to not let others effect how we feel and I felt this message was expressed well!



The negative that stood out to me most was the villain. A good villain is a character that believes they are the doing the absolute right thing, even when it’s completely wrong and someone we can possibly empathize with. This villain never intimidated me, never intrigued me, and never felt like a threat to the story. The performance from the actor also wasn’t good, anyone else could have done this role, and possibly better.


Another negative I had was the homage it paid to the original film. It was very poor and the fact that it even paid tribute to the other film kind of bothered me because it just reminded me that this Ghostbusters was not the original Ghostbusters, it’s a weaker version and it was distracting.

ghostbusters-2016-poster-trailer-logo.jpgĀ 51467_01_original-ghostbusters-films-4k-blu-ray-format.jpg

One thing I really appreciate about this Ghostbusters which is a beautiful thing, is that it’s impacted our younger generation, showing younger children, just like these little girls, that’s its cool to save the world and be a good person, putting a smile on their face. Just like films have been a part of shaping who I am as a person, I’m sure this film will have that effect on millions of girls and boys, which is just awesome.

sub-buzz-32560-1468258389-2.jpgĀ mieql7ofhgk3q9ikwc0t.jpg



I really wanted to like this new take on Ghostbusters, but it just didn’t feel new, it just felt like a rehash of the film but brought nothing innovative to the film. I have no problem with rehashes of previous films, Force Awakens was a rehash of A New Hope, but Force Awakens brought several new elements that made it feelĀ so refreshing.

I wasn’t invested in the story or direction of the film, I’ve seen the actresses do better, the comedy was underwhelming, Ā I wasn’t able to connect emotionally, the villain was poorly done, I loved the theme, and I absolutely love the impact this Ghostbusters has had as role models to children such as girls and boys.


I recommend seeing this in the theater because you could have such a great time laughing with everyone else and that could be all you need from this movie. My rating for this film is 6.5/10! šŸ™‚








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