Tim’s Review of ‘Star Trek: Beyond’ (SPOILERS)

This movie just came out so if you don’t want to be spoiled please DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE SPOILED. DON’T DO IT. 









I love the Star Trek franchise. I love The Next Generation (sorry guys I’m more of a Picard and Data guy than Kirk and Spock). Do I love Star Trek more than Star Wars? No, but I don’t like that question because it forces my hand. I love DC more than Marvel, but do I hate Marvel? Certainly not, some of the best films I’ve ever seen are from the MCU and some of the greatest comics I’ve read were from Marvel. So with that being said, I have the same feelings with Star Wars and Star Trek. Star Wars standing in for DC and Star Trek standing in for Marvel.

ANYWAYS! Let’s get on with the review shall we?

What I liked LOVED about this movie:

  • Firstly, the characters are phenomenal. If you think you’ve seen all there is with the Enterprise crew you are sadly mistaken. Splitting up the crew on Krall’s planet really did wonders for the film. The Bones and Spock pairing was hysterical, the Kirk and Chekov pairing was action packed and thrilling, the Uhura and Sulu pairing was rebellious and intriguing, and the Jaylah and Scotty pairing was a blast to watch. The characters are really fleshed out and no one member is left out. Yes, Kirk is the hero and the main focus but the rest of the characters shine oh so brightly and so well. The writing is top notch and the character interactions are what make the movie so great!

Star Trek Beyond Spock.jpg

“You gave your girlfriend a tracking device?” – Bones The look on Spock’s face was priceless!

  • The directing was amazing. For all of you Justin Lin haters, yes he does the Fast and Furious films, but he did an excellent job with this movie. He directs the actors wonderfully and the way the movie is put together was because of his fantastic job as a director. He didn’t fail hideously as many thought he would have after that first trailer dropped.
  • The action and special effects were phenomenal. This goes to show Justin Lin’s prowess as an action director. Star Trek isn’t always about the action, I get that, but Star Trek’s action department was seriously lack luster until the reboot came along. The action is what helps keep the movie refreshing and modern for the audiences. The fight choreography and the special effects of the film were incredible. When Kirk fights Krall that fist fight was brutal in the gravity wells of Yorktown station, I loved how bruised Kirk’s face got it was nice attention to detail and an accurate gauge of Krall’s brute strength. Jaylah’s fight scenes were also great and entertaining to watch. The CGI and creature/alien effects were breathtaking and it felt like they were really alive if you know what I mean.

Star Trek Beyond Jackety

This jacket was so cool. I wish the rest of the crew had it one besides Kirk and Chekov. They need to use this more in the next films. 

  • The twist with Krall being Balthazar Edison and the whole subplot of the USS Franklin was great! It was a shock to watch!
  • The story is your typical end of the world scenario that the enterprise faces. I know that it’s a stereotype but then again that’s pretty much the heart and soul of stories like Star Trek and Star Wars. It’s part of it’s identity and in this movie that tired trope works wonders and it is pleasing to watch the crew come against all odds and save the galaxy. It was heart warming to watch Jaylah get accepted into the Starfleet Academy and amazing to watch Spock overcome being the son of two worlds and accept his place in Starfleet after Spock Prime’s death.

What I disliked about this movie:

  • Although Krall was a menacing and totally evil villain that I dug, he just wasn’t that fleshed out in this movie. I know there’s time constraints and all, and the less time with Krall the more time there was with the amazing crew, but it still felt just a bit out of place to watch Krall just drop in and out doing evil deeds. He’s not that mustache-wearing-top hat-toting-runaway-and-drop in villain but he’s kind of like Zemo from Civil War where you get where he’s coming from but he’s definitely not as present in the movie as the others are. Just a couple of more scenes from him and that would’ve really helped his character out, it was a bit of a waste of Idris Elba not to have him in the film a bit more. Nero and Khan had excellent screen time and motivation, it seems like Krall kind of faltered on that department despite being a pretty good antagonist.

Star Trek Beyond Kral.jpg

The menacing Krall!

Overall, Star Trek: Beyond continues to show that the Star Trek series is alive and well. Whether or not you like or dislike the new Star Trek movies, things change and mix up, Star Trek was a dying franchised before this booster shot by J.J. Abrams really helped it back onto its feet. I’m glad to be a part of the era where we get to watch the new Star Trek movies in theaters.

I give Star Trek: Beyond a solid 9/10 a great movie and a fun time at the theaters! Excellent character moments and awesome CGI and fight choreography! Just a bit lackluster on the villain compared to Nero and Khan. 

Can we get the Borg and the Next Generation now?!? PLEASE I BEG OF YOU. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. 

The Borg

Artwork was done by http://r-tan.deviantart.com/ , amazing stuff! 

Anton Yelchin

RIP Anton, you were gone too soon man. Loved you in Fright Night, Alpha Dog, Green Room, and when I first saw you on Criminal Minds.



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