Daniel’s Review of ‘Peaky Blinders’ (NON- Spoiler)

         Thomas Shelby, leader of the Peaky Blinders has ambitious goals for his family and crew. Set in Birmingham, England after the First World War, this story follows the Shelby family and their quest for love, family, and power. 

Hi guys, so I just finished all three seasons of Peaky Blinders. Being a Netflix original, it was really easy to plow through seasons without commercial interruption. This is an obvious advantage over other TV shows, whether on network or cable. Having zero commercials makes the viewer feel as if they are watching an extended movie rather than an actual long and drawn out season. Plus, you don’t HAVE to wait a week to figure out what happens after the cliffhangers at the end of each episode. Enough with the pros about Netflix Originals!

Wow, what a show!? Extremely stylish, in the way they shot it, the editing, the music, and even the story itself. The show really tries, and succeeds, in immersing the viewer in the world of Industrial Era Birmingham. I was a there with the Shelby brothers as they navigated through the obstacles created by living a criminal lifestyle, and you can be too.

The acting is phenomenal. Everyone brings their A game and the care each actor took with their roles was definitely noticeable. Lots of lesser known to unknown actors in this show, and I feel that was a great thing. Added a sense of realism to the production in that you really only see the characters, and not the actors and actresses that play them. But either way, however “known” or “unknown” the actors are, it didn’t seem to matter in any way, as they all did an incredible job. There was no weak link when it came to the performances. That being said, there was a few that stood out above the rest for me. The first, I actually didn’t know was in the show until I saw him and it was a treat to see him play a part in this.

Tom Hardy, we all know is great in anything and everything he does. Once again he comes through with one of the best performances of the entire show, barely in it, he manages to steal the show and leaves you wanting more of his character as the Jewish Gang leader Alfie Solomons. The other outstanding performance was delivered by the lead, Cillian Murphy, playing the main character Thomas Shelby. I’ve always liked Cillian Murphy and I am in COMPLETE agreement with Tim, in that he’s one of the most underrated actors out there (See Tim’s Top 5 Underrated Actors article). If he is given credit, and or praise, it’s NOT enough! He needs more. No, seriously though, Cillian Murphy KILLS it in this role. I would say he left me speechless, but I’m talking about it so that wouldn’t make sense. I will say he IS Thomas Shelby, not just someone that plays him on tv. Honestly, he couldn’t have done a better job in becoming his character. Standing ovation all around for some amazing performances.
One negative I can see people having with this show is that the first season might be a little too slow pace for some. Although, yes the story did move a bit slow, this did not bother me at all. The pace did not affect the quality of the show and it kept me interested enough to get to the second season, where things really picked up. The intensity continues on through the third season. The first season being my least favorite of the three so far, it was still enjoyable. Another complaint I imagine someone could have, is that there’s too many sex scenes. This actually may be a plus for many. For me personally, I didn’t get the feeling that the sex scenes were forced. Obviously a few were unnecessary, but in a series with as many sex scenes as Peaky Blinders, you would think you’d get the feeling that they’re just there because “sex sells”. The show is definitely on the sexy side but it never felt reliant on that aspect. Still, most of the sex scenes didn’t feel completely useless or cheap.
Peaky Blinders is an overall great show! Acting is on point, love the style, with an intriguing story? What more could you want? Maybe, the pace can be a bit faster, but that’s about it. Peaky Blinders has been confirmed for a season four AND five that I’m beyond excited for. I recommend catching up on season 1-3 so you can jump right into the new episodes. I’m going to have to come back and review this again after seasons four and five, but until then…

My rating for Peaky Blinders is 8/10

5 responses to “Daniel’s Review of ‘Peaky Blinders’ (NON- Spoiler)

    • Arthur was so awesome! Have you seen that actor in anything else? And yes that’s true, most were not forced or cheap, but they’re right at that point where it’s going to be too much. I really hope they tone it down a notch with that in the upcoming seasons. But for sure I agree with you, because a few of those sex scenes towards the end, I would just be waiting for them to finish so we can get on with the show haha

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      • Yeah I’ve seen him in a few ‘English thug’ movies haha, he often plays a trampy, wrong’un sort of bloke. I’m sure he was in Legend as well. I do love Arthur!! I liked him from the first episode, I know he has violent outbursts but there’s something genuinely sweet about the guy!

        Exactly! The sex scenes sometimes got in the way of the story and action (and can be marginally embarrassing depending on who you’re watching it with!). Some of the slow motion fight scenes I thought were a little over dramatic too, though I’m only picking holes and over all really enjoy watching it 🙂

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