Angel’s Review of ‘Don’t Breathe'(Non Spoiler)

Movie Description: 

A group of friends break into the house of a wealthy blind man, thinking they’ll get away with the perfect heist. They’re very wrong.

I was extremely excited for this movie because it was another horror film which is a genre I absolutely love because the films can be extremely engaging and fun with all the physical reactions it can cause from the audience like screaming. The trailer for Don’t Breathe showed me that this was an original horror film which is rare in these days. Horror films tend to use the same formula with possession narratives jumbled with jump scares so this actually looked like a breath of fresh air from that direction. Let’s get started!



I loved this story. It was completely innovative to the horror genre and kept me on the edge of my seat. They truly turned the cliché of the intruder home invasion storyline in reverse with the intruders trying to escape this mans environment and that was fascinating to watch. I really loved the combination of those horror elements combined with a heist film. Completely original and done in such a clever way with how it was filmed as well. I felt like I was in the house trying to escape, the story really captivated me and had me thinking “okay I need to see how this ends.”



I thought the cast did a great job of giving an authentic impression of fear. I was totally surprised considering it was the concept alone that really hooked me, but they only made this film better.

Daniel Zovatto had a nice contrast from his character from It Follows so it was pleasing to see him have some range as an actor.


Dylan Minette I usually thought was serviceable in previous films, but he was decent in Prisoners and also in here as well. I enjoyed his character and maybe you will as well!


Jane Levy was in The Evil Dead remake which I unfortunately have not seen yet, but she almost stole the film with her performance. She showcased that she can really tap into her emotion of panic and that’s an essential trait in order to capture the essence of horror.


I thought Stephen lang was incredible as the Blind Man. I thought he was serviceable in Avatar, but for his role here he got creative. His body language, his facial expressions, his unpredictability, and his choice of voice for the character was pretty terrifying. I would never want to be in a room with this man. Never. He can’t see me, but he’s basically Daredevil if he senses and catches me.



The music was fantastic and uncomfortable. It’s unusual that I notice the score from a film, but the melodies were unique because it almost sounded like the environment and objects were producing them. This was inventive as well because it just gave this movie another element that elevated the the story, performances, and presence as a whole.




The only negative aspect I had with Don’t Breathe wasn’t because it was at fault, but because of a reaction from the crowd. The entire film was so intense and really brooding, but when it came to the twist which I will not be revealing don’t worry, every single person in the theater was laughing and clapping except for me and my girlfriend.

I was really confused why they were laughing because the twist was pretty disturbing and it’s something we’ve never seen before in a horror film, but because everyone was laughing the essence of the film felt like a tone shift which was off-pudding.


The concept was still very unsettling, it just took me out for a moment when everyone was cheering which prevented me from having a potential “WTF moment” and also making me think to myself in that moment, was that twist good?

I do felt the movie really could have done amazing with the concept of just the intruders trying to escape without the addition of the twist, but we wouldn’t get the same character Stephen Lang brought to life so I totally understand and appreciate it. The antagonist is motivated in a way I have never seen before and there could be maybe a sense of empathy, MAYBE! The twist is great, one of several reasons why you should be in line today to go see the movie!



I  loved the story, enjoyed the decent performances, mesmerized by the music, but I wasn’t able to completely be enthralled by the big shocking reveal as much as I could have. I didn’t love this movie, I do think think Hush was a better film which is similar in the way that the story includes a focus with a disability, but I had a great time with this one as well. This is a definite MUST SEE at the theaters. My rating for this film is 8.5/10! 🙂


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