Review: Sully (No Spoilers)

By Angel:

Movie Description:

“The story of Chelsey Sullenberger, who became a hero after gliding his plane along the water in the Hudson River, saving all of the airplane flights 155 crew and passengers.”



The trailer and cast had me hooked right away for this movie. A film adaptation of the actual true story from Captain Sully landing his plane in the Hudson River starring Tom Hanks looked like a perfect platform for cinematic storytelling.


The work of Tom Hanks in ANYTHING is something I’ll never miss out on. Also being privileged with the company of my co-pilot by my side (aka the love of my life) this was yet another great experience I was looking forward to! Let’s get started 🙂


The story:

I really loved the story. The responsibility and action that Captain Sully took to save 155 souls on the flight within 208 seconds is nothing short of extraordinary; this was expressed excellently in the film as well. The way the narrative was told wasn’t the usual chronicle structure, which I felt kept the story throughout interesting, engaging, and refreshing as it kept progressing.


I was very immersed in the film because of how real it felt. Just because it’s more real doesn’t make it great, it was just executed so well and authentically, that I was able to connect with the story more since I felt like I was on the plane. I also loved how they handled the whole conflict of the investigation to expose Sully for potential mistakes he may have made. This story was told so well that it caused my anxiety level to fly on planes to rise like never before, the entire time my stomach felt like it was in my throat!



Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors and I haven’t seen anything from his performances that have ever been equivalent to or less than serviceable. His portrayal of Captain Sully was a reminder of what makes his work as an actor so special, which is the sense of humanity he brings to the role. Hanks was perfecting casting and definitely the standout.


Aaron Eckhart is someone who should have had his career sky rocket after his performance as Harvey Dent is The Dark Knight. He was a great presence each time he was on screen. The rest of the actors were decent and this story had good antagonists!



I loved the message of the story. I interpreted the theme to be that the media can always find a way to exaggerate a story, always looking for and delivering news of potential negative aspects to something. Sully stayed true to himself and was a great example of what it meant to be human and react on genuine instincts/experiences vs being guided by calculated simulations.



This was a wonderful performance by Tom Hanks with an excellent told story, which is why you should absolutely check out this film in theaters when you can. The entire film didn’t blow me away, but it was definitely excellent. My rating for this film is 9.5/10 🙂


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