Review: The Magnificent Seven (No Spoilers)

By Angel:

Movie Description:

“Seven gun men in the old west gradually come together to help a poor village against savage thieves.”



I was expecting a GREAT film because of this incredible cast and wonderful director. A western starring Denzel Washington being directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) was already enough for me to know I was going to see this film right away.


I have never seen the original Magnificent Seven, but my friend and fellow member Daniel, who I trust, says it’s incredible. I was very curious to see how Fuqua would reimagine this remake and was hoping we got another entertaining western which is rare in this decade of cinema. Let’s get started! 🙂



I really enjoyed the story! It didn’t stray away from the original where the focus is on these seven men who come together to save a town of people who are unable to protect themselves from evil men. It’s this very basic narrative of  self-righteousness. It’s like an avengers film with no superpowers, only gunslinging action, horses, and cowboy hats!



The standout for me in this film was the LEGENDARY Denzel Washington. Throughout his entire career he has never given us a performance in a western film until now and he definitely shined. He just has this presence that is special and every time he was on screen I was like HECK YES! He totally earned the title of one of the Magnificent.


Ethan Hawke was the second standout for me. To see him reunite with Denzel was very special as well. It’s a one of a kind dynamic he has with Denzel on screen and it showed again in this movie. He totally fit in this world and had a great internal conflict as a character.


Chris Pratt was playing Chris Pratt, but that’s not a bad thing at all! Chris Pratt has an awesome personality which transcends through the screen. He has so much fun being in these films and that pure enjoyment is contagious. I hope to see him improve his range as an actor!


Vincent D’Onofrio was HYSTERICAL! He’s a phenomenal actor, I’d put him close to Denzel, but unfortunately, I could not take his character seriously because of the voice Vincent chose to use. I appreciated what he was trying to do, but in the beginning he definitely was overacting. The best line in the film came from him “I’ll say a prayer for you….you know a little prayer” you’ll know what I mean when you watch!


The rest of the performances from everyone were fine! No one in this movie to me gave a bad performance, there are just several characters who were poorly developed.



Music can be a huge factor to elevating a film, especially westerns. A primary example being the LEGENDARY Ennio Morricone creating scores for The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The Hateful Eight.


This Magnificent Seven didn’t have a memorable score which I felt deprived it from being great. In many cases, music is extremely important in film because it can create an indescribable sensational spiritual feeling.



I love the clear theme in this film because it’s common and powerful. The message I interpreted in this film was to fight any battle even if it doesn’t belong to you, as long as it’s the right thing to do. Protect those in need in any situation, whether it’s physically, mentally, or emotionally.



The main problem I had with this film was the development of these “MAGNIFICENT” seven men. Bringing them all together should feel epic, but instead it felt rushed and their motivations to help the people in need were vague. For some of the men, the motivations were not expressed at all.


Although I do enjoy seeing Chris Pratt have fun, they put way too much focus on him. It financially makes sense since he is the most commercial actor in the film due to his success with Guardians Of The Galaxy and Jurassic World, but they would just give him throw away lines and unnecessary moments, especially with their failed attempt to give him a humorous”rivalry” with the Mexican character.


The villain was practically nothing in this film. My friend and fellow member Julius made this hilarious observation that the worst thing this villain did was excessive sweating. It’s very true as this villain didn’t have a great purpose as to why he was being a bad person. He was definitely the weakest part of this film and that’s because of the writing. Peter Saarsgard can act, but he doesn’t have a great track record with villains.



This film was very cliché. I’ve seen everything that this western has provided because it didn’t take any risks. The perfect way to sum it up as a whole is a BASIC western that is very entertaining in several sequences. I cared for these characters in the end and had a really fun time watching! This is definitely worth seeing in the theaters for a matinee accompanied with some popcorn. My rating for this film is 8/10! 🙂


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