The Best Green Lanterns

By Tim

I absolutely adore DC. I love DC comics more than I do Marvel (although Star Wars trumps them all hahaha) 

My favorite DC property by far is the Green Lantern. After that disaster of a movie starring Ryan Reynolds DC knows that they can’t screw up again (considering they’ve screwed up three times already). 

The first comics I ever read was the lead up to Blackest Night and the Sinestro Corps War. Green Lantern forever has a special place in my heart.

Now it has been reported that the Justice League film will have a Green Lantern in it. But who? I would love to see John Stewart but I prefer Hal Jordan more. But… Kyle Rayner would be cool too! And who can forget classics like Kilowog, Stel, Sodam Yat, Tomar-Re? It’s so hard to choose from the roster! 

I love almost every single Green Lantern. But if it had to come down to it, here is a list of the best three in my book. 


  • 5) Stel 

    The Terminator would run in fear!

    When I first saw Stel I fell in love with the character and the design. He was so amazing and honestly I thought his dry sense of humor was great. He’s like Red Tornado pretty much. He’s a powerful Green Lantern and is capable of holding his own against Sinestro Corps, Red Lanterns, and even Orange Lantern constructs. It would be incredible to see Stel in the films, I hope they can do him some justice even if it is a small part. 

  • 4) Tomar-Re


    Don’t mess with Tomar-Re.

    The confidant, friend, and teacher to Hal Jordan. A brave Green Lantern who unfortunately was killed during the war against the Anti-Monitor. Tomar-Re resisted the influence of Nekron and was a great Green Lantern whom everyone loved. He also attempted to spare Krypton the fate it faced during its destruction but unfortunately he failed. He is an awesome Green Lantern and was pivotal for Hal’s growth in the Corps. 

  • 3) Kyle Rayner 

    Did I mention he was worthy of ION?

    Kyle is not my favorite human Lantern, but he is truly a force to be reckoned with. I grew up reading Kyle during the Justice League run where he was the last Green Lantern in existence his ring given to him by Ganthet. He is by far one of the more complex and interesting Green Lanterns and all the story arcs he has been through are great to read. He has been through so many struggles yet he comes back for more. I put him up there with Hal on terms of power. He is now a White Lantern which is also really cool! 

  • 2) Sinestro 

    Definitely not a Lantern you want to fight.

    I know, I know, Sinestro is evil. But when you see him during his time as a Green Lantern?!? He is one BAMF. He was the master to Hal and was easily one of the best Lanterns the Corps had ever had. He was so powerful he shattered his ring with nothing but pure willpower TWICE. He knew the ins and outs of every color on the spectrum, he is extremely intelligent, and has a rigged (often taken too far) set of morals. Sinestro as a Green Lantern is so damn fun to read. 

  • 1) Hal Jordan

    The GOAT. The man has killed a Guardian before with their own weapon and he didn’t even need ION to do it.

    I get that this is typical but for me Hal Jordan is the BEST Green Lantern not just canonically but also just as a character. Hal Jordan never gets old for me, it is so awesome to read his interactions and watch him try and juggle his life while be an intergalactic space cop. He reminds me of Peter Parker almost. Hal Jordan is the best and he is most definitely the Lantern I want to see in the DCEU. 


What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree?  Who’s the Lantern you want to see the most? 

Let’s hope DCEU gets Green Lantern right this time! 

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