Best Actresses Right Now!

By Angel:

A lot of people don’t realize this, but everyone is always acting. Emotions are the key to acting, we just have to embrace those emotions in order to act. Acting is taking place for anyone when they are feeling mad, sad, or happy. Without this ability, people would be emotionless, almost robotic! Acting allows us to express emotion which can influence others to reflect on how they could or should behave.

I love acknowledging individuals who have potential to master this craft. The greatest performers have something in common for me when it comes to an acting performance: they make you believe everything the character is going through is real, are exceptional at listening, they embrace their vulnerabilities, and they make unique surprising choices. Here’s an example from what I think is the greatest acting performance ever put to screen:


(Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight)

Here are the BEST actresses working right now! I’m going to start off with the top of the food chain and these three will be in no particular order because they are all forces of nature.


Viola Davis:


It’s weird having to explain why Davis is one of the greatest actresses, it’s so simple, all you have to do is see any of her performances in any film and you’ll feel the POWER that she brings to EVERY role. She has proven herself behind the camera and on the stage of broadway. Her characters, whether minimal or vital in any story, are always given so much complexity and depth because of her strokes of genius. Viola Davis is a BEAST!                           I recommend you watch these absolute MUST SEE films with her: Traffic, The Help, and Prisoners. 




Meryl Streep:  


I mean, c’mon, EASILY one of the GREATEST actresses of all time, if not, the very BEST. Her acting skills are among the most serious and her wide variety of accents are all exceptional, especially her danish accent in Out Of Africa. Streep is a chameleon, not so much in appearance, but when it comes to attitude, voice, and mannerisms. She can do anything: musical, comedy, horror, drama….throw anything at her and she is capable of pretending with complete honesty and fun. I recommend you watch these absolute MUST SEE films with her: Doubt, Kramer vs Kramer, and The Devil Wears Prada. 




Cate Blanchett:


She has earned her spot as a force of nature because she is jus extraordinary. She brings so much confidence when she performs and is such a presence. There is so much intelligence within her eyes, there isn’t any visible acting, because she BECOMES the character just like the rest of the forces of nature. Her conviction to each role is superb. I recommend you watch these absolute MUST SEE films with her: Blue Jasmine, The Aviator, and Elizabeth. 



Now that we’ve gone through the top of the food chain, here are the top 5 best actresses working consistently right now!

Best Actress #5

Alicia Vikander:


This is one of the best examples of a breakout performer. Vikander took the world by storm with her performance in Ex-Machina with her portrayal of an artificial intelligence model. That role required many difficult emotional layers with the addition of body language and vocal manipulation which she expertly showcased. I believe everything she brings to her characters! I recommend you watch these absolute MUST SEE films with her: Ex-Machina, The Danish Girl, and Burnt.



Best Actress #4 

Lupita Nyong’o:


Here’s an even better example of a great breakout performer. Lupita gave a once of a lifetime kind of performance in her role for 12 Years A Slave. She won the oscar for best actress in a supporting role in her first motion picture and deservingly so. She was scary good and her wonderful career is just getting started. I recommend you watch these absolute MUST SEE films with her: 12 Years A Slave, The Jungle Book, Star Wars The Force Awakens.



Best Actress #3

Emily Blunt:


She never disappoints, she commits to every role, and elevates every film that she’s in. Emily Blunt is filled with natural talent and she’s just freaking awesome. I recommend you watch these absolute MUST SEE films with her: Looper, Sicario, and Edge Of Tomorrow.



Best Actress #2

Amy Adams:


A very powerful actress with so much versatility. She can be absolutely hilarious and can also be such a complicated interesting lead. If she doesn’t get nominated this year for Arrival I’m going to be upset! I recommend you watch these absolute MUST SEE films with her: Doubt, Enchanted, and Arrival.



Best Actress #1

Kate Winslet:


Winslet is my favorite actress because, for me, she is the most authentic. She brings an incredible amount of imagination with her characters, for example, Clementine in Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind – one of my favorite films ever. She is still managing to do that, just take a look at her performance in Steve Jobs. She is simply brilliant in everything. I recommend you watch these absolute MUST SEE films with her: Titanic, Revolutionary Road, and Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind.


That concludes my list and I hope you enjoyed. Feel free to let me know your top actresses and thank you very much for reading!

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