Review: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (NO SPOILERS)

By Tim

You guys already know, I’m a gigantic Star Wars fan. From the Expanded Universe to now what we call the Canon Universe, I love it all. 

I absolutely adore the Star Wars lore. I’ve always wanted Star Wars to expand its horizons on film and touch into deeper subjects like the Old Republic or perhaps even a new version of the Legacy era, but this one is perfectly fine! 


An incredible character! Lovely performance by Alan Tudyk! Reminded me so much of HK-47!

I saw this early with Julius and Sam and now I’m here to discuss my thoughts on this wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL addition to Star Wars. Are you prepared to read my fanboy bias?!?! I hope so!!!

Don’t worry, there are NO SPOILERS. You can fully expect a full debrief and spoiler review coming soon on the podcast! 


What I liked LOVED about this film:

  • First and foremost. This movie is a WAR movie. I absolutely loved the sense of dread, danger, and the real risks and stakes the Rebels take. The trailer is only a FRACTION of the amazing action and set pieces you will see in this movie. This movie feels like the classic Magnificent Seven themes of hope and being against all odds while still having the gritty and deadly tone war movies like Saving Private Ryan had.


    Menacing, evil, and downright ruthless. Great adversaries! One of my favorite parts was seeing them on screen!

  • The movie does an excellent job developing the characters. The movie had a lot of characters to juggle but it does it very well and handles every single nook and cranny. No character feels left out and the cast all delivered their roles with power and amazing depth. You really do feel and connect with the characters they show on screen.


    They were all amazing. K2SO is missing though 😦

  • The film is an ultra throwback and has loads of nostalgia. I loved the analog screens and technology they had. I also loved seeing the classic Stormtroopers and Rebels again. It was an incredible sight and all the production design is incredible. 
  • The story is great. Trust me… It’s absolutely amazing. That is no exaggeration. The final act is beyond words.
  • John Williams didn’t return, but it’s okay because it’s Star Wars and the music will always be PHENOMENAL. Orchestral fanfare in space?!?! Come on now!!! Michael Giacchino I tip my hat off to you good sir! 


    Makes you want to pilot one! For the Rebellion! 

  • The movie does dive deep into Star Wars lore. It was great to see the ins and outs of both the Empire and the Rebellion, something that we don’t get in the original trilogy. 
  • The villains are fantastic. Ben Mendhelson kills it as Orson Krennic and he was an effective and brutal opponent!
  • The CGI is out of this world. You will see what I mean! 
  • You see familiar characters you loved and fall in love with new ones. Also, you’ll love Darth Vader in this film, I guarantee it. 

What I disliked about this film:

  • It was too short (Sarcasm of course, I wish it were longer because it was that good. And yes this is fanboy bias). 
  • I honestly do feel some characters had some more potential to be developed (you’ll see what I mean when you watch the movie) but ultimately it’s not that big of a detriment. 
  • Yes it was a drag not seeing Jedi nor a lightsaber duel in this movie but that is only a nitpick and really isn’t even a valid criticism hahaha. 

All in all, you need to go watch this movie. It is fun, heartbreaking, action packed, and an absolute amazing experience. This really sets the bar for Star Wars films, after watching you will see why some would even cite Rogue One as better than Empire Strikes Back (I KNOW BLASPHEMY!!!) 


My favorite character! Cassian Andor was hardcore. I also loved that name too. It’s iconic like Han Solo is.

Did I love it more than ESB or Episode VII? Honestly, no, but that doesn’t mean this film isn’t a DAMN GOOD film. Check it out, you deserve a treat. It truly is amazing. From the cast, to the story, to the directing, to the music, to the cinematography, to the production design, to the SFX… Everything. 

I give Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 9.5/10, true perfection and an amazing addition to the Star Wars canon. Amazing film. 

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