Oscars 2017 Hit List

By Tim 

The Oscars are coming up in t-minus really soon. So I decided why not do an anticipation/wish list for the wins on the major 6 categories? 

These are just my opinions and wishes. They’re not fact or set in stone in any way so please don’t kill me if I don’t pick your favorite actor/actress/film/director/etc. So without further ado lets get started! 



Best Picture 

What will probably win: La La Land 

What I hope will win: Moonlight 


I saw both La La Land and Moonlight. I think that La La Land deserves all the praise and buzz that its been getting. It is a wonderful film and it was masterfully written, acted, directed, shot, and scored. 

However I really do believe that Moonlight should be the winner. I thought it was a wonderful bildungsroman tale that mixed splendor and realism together perfectly. I believe that it was a well done unique portrait of a young black man throughout various phases of his life. It sounded boring, like a typical cliche coming-of-age film, but it ended up being the exact opposite. 

La La Land was great, but I thought personally Moonlight was a picture that celebrated life and living. That resonated with me more. 

Best Director 

What will probably win: La La Land 

What I hope will win: Hacksaw Ridge 


I echo the same sentiments for La La Land as I did before. 

For me I think this was a shining example of Mel Gibson’s power as a director. He brought out some extremely stellar performances from his cast. I’ve never seen a greater performance from Andrew Garfield yet. I think that as a director Mel Gibson brought a great no-holds-barred grit to WWII. Even within all that horror and awe there was still a man who strove by his ideals to save lives. 

Best Actor in a Leading Role 

Who will probably win: Denzel Washington 

Who I hope will win: Denzel Washington 


Denzel is a powerful actor, that goes without saying. From American Gangster to Training Day to the smattering amounts of films he’s also been in, he never fails to deliver on his roles. 

I think his performance in Fences will garner him yet another Oscar win. It will be well deserved. 

Best Actor in a Supporting Role 

Who will probably win: Mahershala Ali 

Who I hope will win: Mahershala Ali 


Juan was one of the best parts of Moonlight. I loved how Mahershala Ali approached his mannerisms, mentorship, and overall demeanor. 

I think that Mahershala Ali is a great talent and I would love to see him win this Oscar. He wasn’t the focus in Moonlight but his presence was definitely what helped ground and solidify the film. Something that every supporting role should achieve. 

Best Actress in a Leading Role 

Who will probably win: Emma Stone 

Who I hope will win: Natalie Portman 


Natalie Portman embodied Jackie Kennedy. I love movies that can bring a person back to life on film. It’s always incredible to see actors and actresses take on these historical roles. Sometimes they do them so well it’s hard to differentiate their performance from the real person. 

Natalie Portman nailed it on all fronts. I still think Emma Stone will take the cake though. 

Best Actress in a Supporting Role 

Who will probably win: Viola Davis 

Who I hope will win: Viola Davis 


I think Viola Davis’ raw power and great delivery in Fences will push her to this win. It will be well deserved and she was great opposite Denzel Washington. Fences definitely took her acting skills to a new height. 

I’m pretty positive she will win and I sincerely wish she will take home that shiny gold award. 


What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree? Who do you want to win this year on that fateful night?!? 

Best of luck to all the nominees! 



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