Review: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 (No Spoilers)

By Angel

Movie description: “Set to the backdrop of Awesome Mixtape #2, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ continues the team’s adventures as they unravel the mystery of Peter Quill’s true parentage.”



I walked out of this movie feeling the same way that I did after watching the first movie in theaters, HOOKED! This was a great follow up to one of the greatest superhero films I’ve ever seen because it was amazing to spend time with these characters again in their new journey. It’s always special to me that I have the opportunity to share laughs with my love, friends and strangers in the theater. There was a surplus of pure comedy with the character interactions that had me smiling throughout from ear to ear.


It’s also remarkable how a humorous movie like this with a talking tree and talking raccoon can have true emotional depth that teaches us how we can all be better as people. The soundtrack gave the film personality and whenever the songs were playing, it’s never distracting or forced, it’s always meaningful. I had an awesome time and I highly recommend you to watch this on the biggest screen you can because this entertainment is worth full price.



The film opens up with Star-Lord’s parents in a flashback of their romance. This immediately captivated my attention because the parentage was something I wanted to learn more about from the first movie since it was pivotal to Star-Lord’s survival when holding an infinity stone. The digital effects on Kurt Russell’s face when they de-aged him was brilliantly executed. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw his younger self because I know he doesn’t look that young, but he legitimately looked 30 years younger due to the technological growth and it was breathtaking. I was proven through this narrative that visual effects are just getting better and better in cinema.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 3.04.30 PM.png

I loved seeing the team back together with their witty dynamic helping anyone in need within the galaxy. “There are two types of beings in the universe: those who dance, and those who do not.” Due to their personalities, they find themselves in a conflicting situation that leads them on a path to discover where Star-Lord came from. Through this adventure there’s an abundance of humor, beautiful scenery, exciting action, a twist, and heartfelt sequences.


The comedic dialogue did feel redundant making the pacing unbalanced due to some scenes dragging on, but the writing always stayed true to who the characters were, whether the jokes worked for me or not.  The characters evolved as their relationships felt stronger which made me care more for them and the plot actually improves one of the negatives of the first film, the antagonist has a clear and convincing motivation. This was an engaging story for a sequel!



My favorite character is Star-Lord because he’s very amusing to watch in any environment. Chris Pratt brings a lot of his great qualities to the character and I can tell he has so much fun. The majority of the sentimental scenes include him and it was great to see his vulnerable side. His character definitely evolved as his arrogance was eliminated and maturity began to grow due to his great performance.


Drax is hysterical. Dave Bautista as Drax has the same effect on me that Wilmer Valderamma as Fez does whenever they say anything, I laugh extremely hard. Bautista manages to really commit to this character perfectly with his eyes, body language, and brutal honestly. “You need to find a woman who’s pathetic, like you.”


Bradley Cooper is outstanding as Rocket Raccoon. I’ve seen the behind the scenes footage of him doing the voice-over and it’s incredible how he brings this CGI character to life just through sound. Rocket Raccoon has to be sarcastic, cynical, aggressive, stubborn, rude, and confident which Cooper absolutely nails anytime the character is in frame.


Everyone else was great as their characters with convincing performances, the only person I would say that felt out of place was Sylvester Stallone. I loved seeing him in this Marvel movie, but when he spoke I couldn’t stop thinking about his characters Rocky Or Dredd rather than see him as this intended character. YOU BETRAYED THE LAW!



To me, great cinematography is when the visuals are contributing to the storytelling. A film should SHOW us what’s going on rather than tell us. When it comes to analyzing cinematography, simply, I ask myself, “Was this film nice to look at?” Then I can choose to get in depth and look for whether colors were symbolic, placement of characters in the frame, composition, lighting, shadows, and point of view.


Was Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 a nice film to look at….ABSOLUTELY! This is intended to be a theatrical event and that’s exactly what it looked like, the movie looked rich, colorful, and adventurous. There is so much humanity in this story and the camera manages to capture that intimate family journey in a fantastical atmosphere.



Perfect song for the perfect scenes! The whole soundtrack is just perfection, just listen.



Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is really about family at it’s core and the importance of people who have always been around us with their support or guidance. The lesson I got from watching this film is to never take the positive impact that others can have on my life for granted, whether it’s the result from strangers, friends, or family. “Sometimes, the thing you’ve been looking for your whole life is right there beside you all along.”


It was touching to see the father and son dynamic explored in this movie while emphasizing the importance of all relationships. This movie encourages me to appreciate the things I have in the moment to the fullest over the things I look forward to: events, objects, or people, which I agree can be an essential factor to happiness. “Welcome to the frickin’ Guardians Of The Galaxy!”



James Gunn put a tremendous amount of passion in this movie, it’s difficult not to fall in love with it as well. Seeing the characters in this new story was special, the music was memorable, it was hilarious, the performances were strong, the cinematography was magical, the obstacles were worthy enough to save the galaxy once again, and the message was profound. I thought there were some minor issues with the pacing and the quality of the jokes, but this was still an outstanding time at the theater. Thanks for reading my review and it’s SHOWTIME A-HOLES. My rating for Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is 9/10! 🙂



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