By Sam


Let me just get this out of the way. I love both Marvel and DC. I want them all to be good, but if I’m being honest, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad are complete misfires. They’re both messy, mishandled, with a lot of corporate meddling. However, Wonder Woman is the complete opposite. This marks a second great DC film for WB in my books(I know there are people who love/hate Man of Steel, but I happened to really like it).

Princess Diana, otherwise known as Wonder Woman here is fully realized and completely three-dimensional. She finally gets her due in cinema and I cannot be more pleased. She’s idealistic yet naive, compassionate, yet stubborn, and brave. I typically dislike origin stories, but every now and then they can be very fun, and Wonder Woman is that exception. Patty Jenkins who led Charlize Theron to an Oscar, brings a story that is packed with heart without ever getting too over the top or too heavy handed. During the hype train I disliked the idea of Gal Gadot, mainly due to her inexperience as an actor. She slightly won me over for the short amount of time she was in Batman v Superman, but now she really won me over. I will admit, there are moments where she didn’t exactly deliver her lines effectively, but I think the more she plays this character the more better she’ll be.

Chris Pine is great in the role of Steve Trevor. Again, while I thought some of Gadot’s delivery felt dry or cheesy, she and Pine do have a great chemistry. I always preach about this, and even if it sounds like overkill at this point, but chemistry is so important with anything that has to do with romance. The romance here is solid and believable. In a very good way it was very reminiscent of Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter.

The supporting cast are solid, highlights include Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright portray Queen Hippolyta and General Antiope, and they’re not characters who get the short end of the stick, they actually contribute to Diana’s upbringing. The supporting cast is good too. Pine’s Trevor recruits a ragtag team, again reminiscent of The Howling Commandos in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Taking a page off Marvel though, the villains are the ones who do end up getting the short end of the stick. There is a twist I didn’t see coming, but even then it was a bit excessive and kind of out of place. I will say though, I happened to enjoy only Elena Anaya’s creepy Doctor Poison out of the film’s villains.

The third act is slightly underwhelming, but the action scenes are fantastic. I was quite surprised as I was concerned about Patty Jenkins’ ability to shoot action. Also they’re lit in daylight and being able to see everything unfold is just pure eye-candy. Something I appreciated is that Jenkins also shows the casualty of what war brings and she doesn’t compromise on the gruesome reality of it. Visual effects are good, but there are few moments where its so obvious that it’s cgi. I’m not very picky in that department, but when it’s too too noticeable, then it automatically takes me out of the film.

I did mention Captain America: The First Avenger multiple times, and the film takes some influences and operates like it, but it’s not a carbon copy at all. On the surface Wonder Woman might appear to be of similar adventures and superhero films that we’ve seen on screen, but it’s moving parts and the little things it does that makes the film shine. With good character moments, humorous banter, and a resonating romance, it is the female superhero film that we needed.


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