Review: Star Trek Green Lantern The Spectrum War (No Spoilers)

By Tim 

As much of a Star Wars junkie I may be, I absolutely adore Star Trek. Maybe not as much as Julius, but I definitely respect it a lot and I love the new franchise. Plus, who didn’t love Picard, the Borg, Data, and The Next Generation?

First Contact. Literally.

Never in a million years did I think they were going to do a cross over of Green Lantern and Star Trek. It just seemed so… “cash grabby” to me. As much as I may have had my reserves about it, I saw it in my local comic shop and thought, “what the hell, why not?!?”

I don’t regret it. This comic was excellent and I absolutely loved all of it.


What I LOVED about this comic:

  • Firstly, the writers stuck with the new franchise. Call me a traitor or whatever, but the new franchise of Star Trek is brilliant.  I firmly believe this crossover would have only worked with the new crew in the “Vulcan is Dead” timeline. Kirk and Hal Jordan’s banter in this comic is phenomenal and I loved watching their egos and bravery collide with each other. The fight to be alpha was great in it and their mutual respect for each other for the sake of the mission was an interesting dynamic. Very well written and this could’ve only been accomplished with this new Kirk and not the Shatner Kirk.
  • The story is not lack luster at all. Usually cross over events suck because they’re written lazily. The writers have no idea how to properly mesh two radically different worlds together into one cohesive plot. Mike Johnson does a wonderful job putting together two properties masterfully and not one character is left out at all. Yes, the story falls a bit into the cliche of “saving the world together” but what crossover story doesn’t do that? The ending was great as well and not rushed at all. All in all the story plays like a Star Trek film with the bravado of a DC comic.
  • The pacing is solid. Exposition, conflict, resolution typical of all stories on this earth hahaha. The comic didn’t feel boring at all and none of it was rushed. The dialogue and action are synonymous and work together as opposed to having one carry the other to make up for the slack.
  • The artwork is magnificent. I was really impressed by the quality of the art! The characters from Star Trek all feel like they’ve been lifted directly from the movie. Wonderful and beautiful work by the artists by Angel Hernandez and Alejandro Sanchez.

Cover art.

What I disliked about this comic:

  • I thought that the comic could’ve done more with the villain. The villains in this story are a little lack luster and pretty much only there to be bad. It’s serviceable but at the end of the day it was obvious they were going to sorely lose. The comic could’ve done more with a little more stakes and danger. While the stakes were high it ultimately fell flat because they didn’t do enough fleshing out the villains or illustrating how terrible it would be if they had won.

Really though, other than that the comic is really well put together for a crossover event! I’m glad to hear there’s a sequel as well so I’m eagerly looking forward to checking that out when I get the chance and the funds hahaha.

Uhura’s reaction when Carol calls Spock handsome hahaha!

Overall, Star Trek Green Lantern the Spectrum War is a fun read and a great time. Definitely recommend getting this in paperback, you won’t regret it, unless you’re an uber fan boy and hate the new franchise then you’ll probably hate it on that fact alone 😛

9/10, a fun non-canon crossover event done very well. 

“Out of the chair…”

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