Guilty Pleasure Films

By Tim

I like Rob Schneider movies.

Before you kill me with your internet torches, let me at least try and defend myself here.

Now, I know for a fact that Rob Schneider is this weird anti-vaxxer, can’t take criticism, and overall a strange man. But I do really enjoy the movies he’s put out.

The scene with the smoothies still makes me laugh. 

For me personally comedy has always been extremely subjective. Humor in general has so many variations so I have an extremely high respect for comedians because I can imagine how hard it might be to make an entire group of people with different mindsets, beliefs, and senses of humor to cackle with laughter. As Daniel once told me, “Being a comedian is extremely difficult. Imagine if someone gave you a microphone, told you to go up to a group of random people, and said ‘make them laugh’. That’s literally their job to do that.”

Rob Schneider definitely has a lot of haters. And you know what? Rightfully so. I can see why most of his movies are considered to be the cinematic equivalent of a dumpster fire. However, I never really saw his film in that light. It was always his films that made me laugh the hardest. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder at a film than when I watched The Hot Chick or Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo.


I have a stupid sense of humor. You can ask Angel about how utterly demented my humor is. I often don’t find stand-up or comedy films like 22 Jump Street or to be all that funny. I’m not saying I don’t laugh at them, but do I have a gut busting good time? Not really no. It was always really Rob Schneider’s films that got me to crack like an egg. If you think my sense of humor is toilet humor I’d take that as a compliment because it definitely is.

As I said before, humor is completely subjective. I would say films that make me laugh the hardest are the ones that are on complete opposite sides of the spectrum. I love Coen Brothers humor such as Burn After Reading and farce films like The Men Who Stare at Goats. However, on the other hand, I love stupid movies like The Animal and The Benchwarmers. There’s something about these films where you can turn your brain off and just enjoy them for a while. I don’t even laugh at how bad the movies are, I genuinely find them funny.

A classic.

I guess I would attribute it to the “Transformers” effect. The reason why I won’t give Transformers the worst score ever is just because when I go see the movie it’s literally to turn my brain off and watch giant robots fight. I’m not really caring about the exposition, it’s more so I’d like to see some cool special effects and feel my brain melt. I have a higher standard for superhero films or actual cinematic movies because I love those dearly and my intent going into those movies are different. However when I watch a Rob Schenider movie, the humor is right up my alley and I really don’t care about how bad the movie may be, to me it’s funny and I like it.

Of course, this is not to say I defend these movies as “good” movies in any sense. I think they make me laugh hard and do their job as a comedy. But as a film to be scored with critical consensus I would never actually try and defend them as “great films” because I know that is simply not true.

What are some of your guilty pleasure movies? A movie you love that everyone hates?

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