Movie Review: Star Wars The Last Jedi (Non Spoiler)

By Angel

Movie Description: “Rey develops her newly discovered abilities with the guidance of Luke Skywalker, who is unsettled by the strength of her powers. Meanwhile, the Resistance prepares to do battle with the First Order.”



Rarely do any other movies have better openings than Star Wars movies. The force is strong from beginning to end of this narrative. The Lucasfilm logo fades in and the opening credits pop onto the screen and already had me completely immersed. The movie opens up with a space battle between the rebellion and empire. The action scenes and visuals were incredible, it made me feel like a kid again watching Star Wars for the first time. This feeling of joy is priceless. As the movie progresses, it uses familiar plot points that feel simple, but it’s the focus on unique character development that made this movie great. For the first time since the original trilogy, I had no idea what was going to happen with the characters or the story itself. Every fan theory I had before and during the movie was completely shattered when they were revealed.


There was some bold choices made with the writing that I loved, liked and disliked. Most of the humor felt out of place, very close to Joss Whedon’s comedy in The Avengers which felt awkward in this universe, the jokes didn’t always land. Porgs are adorable. Luke Skywalker is legendary. The pathos forced on the antagonist was excellent. There are moments in this movie that were riveting, it’s definitely one of my favorite theater experiences of this year. The Last Jedi opens up a lot of potential for the expansion of the universe, an opportunity to not rely only on the Skywalker saga, which I believe is necessary in order for this franchise to stop being redundant.



To me, great cinematography is when the visuals are contributing to the storytelling. A film should SHOW us what’s going on rather than tell us. When it comes to analyzing cinematography, simply, I ask myself, “Was this film nice to look at?” Then I can choose to get in depth and look for whether colors were symbolic, placement of characters in the frame, composition, lighting, shadows, and point of view.


Is The Last Jedi a nice film to look at….ABSOLUTELY!!! This has to include some of the most stunning shots in a Star Wars movie ever. It’s a work of art that was carefully crafted. Star Wars movies never fail with cinematography. They all look beautiful and make me want to never take my eyes off the screen. The contrast between all the colors were lovely and the shots on the main characters created a strong personal connection due to their intimacy. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 7.46.53 PM.png


Mark Hamill surprised me. I loved his performance the most in this movie, he was written much differently than how we remember Luke Skywalker thirty years ago. He had to convince me that Luke was dealing with these specific emotions internally. It’s always intriguing to see characters having to overcome obstacles whether they are physical or emotional. His performance was vital to the theme of the movie and he nailed it.


Adam Driver as Kylo Ren is amazing. I love his character so much and it’s because of how much he fills the role with authentic conflicted feelings. It’s crazy how he had the ability to make me despise him and also root for him.


Daisy Ridley is carrying this franchise now and I couldn’t be happier. She’s outstanding as Rey. When I see her in character, I believe the light, I believe in the force, and I believe that there’s hope. The pain, confidence, and loniless that she had to express was extremely impressive.


Everyone else in the cast were perfect in their roles. There wasn’t one performance that I didn’t think was out of place. I saw passionate commitment in each character from the actors which elevated the movie entirely as an experience.



It’s Star Wars. Some of the best music ever made. Mozart and Beethoven level. Rey’s theme, Kylo’s theme, and the new theme incorporated in this installment are all spine-tingling.


The lesson I got from Star Wars The Last Jedi: Hope will always exist, and failure is the greatest teacher.



This movie was freaking epic. I was engaged the entire time on the edge of my seat feeling so excited because of how entertaining it is. Despite some minor issues, I loved the majority of the movie. It felt like Star Wars. I wanted to be part of the rebellion doing the right thing to eliminate evil, I wanted to be a jedi. The cinematography, music, theme, dialogue, and performances are exceptional. The story felt a little uneven, but never lost my attention. I’m ecstatic about the future of this franchise. Thanks for reading my review and I hope you all love it. My rating for Star Wars The Lat Jedi is 9.5/10!


Grade: A

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