Review: BlacKkKlansman (No Spoilers)

By Angel

Movie Description: “Ron Stallworth, an African-American police officer from Colorado, successfully manages to infiltrate the local Ku Klux Klan with the help of a white surrogate, who eventually becomes head of the local branch.”

The Good

Spike Lee does an excellent job at telling this insane and unbelievable story that promotes the extermination of hatred. Infiltrating the organization was tense, outrageous, and hilarious. It’s a wake up call that racism is still very much alive and we must fight it through our voices and love as a people. I loved the vibe of this movie, especially the groovy soundtrack. The performances were all great. I was hit in the gut with the ending.

The Bad

Pacing was an issue for me, I felt like some scenes dragged and the movie felt longer than it was.


Turn the other cheek. All power to all the people. America should be no place for hate.

Grade: A (9/10)

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