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The GOAT Movie Podcast started out with just a couple of guys hanging out and talking relentlessly about movies, comics, and life. We’ve all had some amazing times just chatting away and we’re here now to share our thoughts with you all!

We love watching movies and reading comics. We are all immensely humbled and honored that you guys listen to our insights! Here you will find our reviews of our own experiences and feelings. You’ll either agree or disagree because all films and comics are subjective which is what makes them worth discussing. Enjoy🙂 🙂 🙂

Meet the Guys

The OG Crew “Fab Four” 

Angel Amaral – He’s Peter Parker on the inside.

Timothy Shin – When you cut him, he bleeds Star Wars.

Julius Jaramillo – Our resident Fan-Caster. 

Daniel Valdes – Turtles and the Punisher. Nuff said. 

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We LOVE the picture! Thank you! 😀