Angel’s Review of Batman v Superman (No Spoilers)

Movie Description:

“Fearing the actions of Superman are left unchecked, Batman takes on the man of steel, while the world wrestles with what kind of a hero it really needs.”

I have waited for this film my whole life. I grew up with these iconic characters of Batman and Superman. They are a huge part of my development and character as I have watched them throughout my years of life. They’ve influenced many of the positive choices in my life, aspects of my morality and personality, and have made me want to do better, which is so odd right? Fictional characters having that ability seem strange but I love them.

The trailers were amazing until the one they showed with Doomsday with all the main narrative plot points. That’s when I was really concerned.

I wanted to love this movie so much. I wanted it to be amazing, but I didn’t like what they delivered as much as I thought I would. But I’ll start off with the things that I loved!

Ben Affleck killed it as Bruce Wayne and Batman. WOW! He was extremely impressive/incredible. He was honestly the best parts of the film. I did have minor issues with his Batman, but they can easily fix that. I also still think that Bale’s Batman is superior only because we had three films with him with an enormous amount of development and screen time. Once Affleck’s Batman gets his own solo films, I’m sure he can become the best Batman we’ve ever had.

I loved the first hour of the movie with Batman’s introduction and perspective on the destruction from Man of Steel. This fed into the buildup of controversy surrounding Superman which I found extremely interesting.

I thought the majority of the visual effects were great. Synder is a great director when it comes to this, but he lacks in narrative direction, context, and substance, which really shows in this film. This is where I start getting into the many problems I had with the film.

My first problem I had with this film were the characters. Sadly, I didn’t care about them. One of my major problems I had with Man of Steel was the lack of personality. Because of its grey scale saturation and script, they managed to suck the fun, hope, and humanity out of Clark Kent/Superman which transcended onto this film as well.

I felt really sad because I should be jumping out of my seat feeling ecstatic and cheering to see him on the screen, especially with freaking Batman?! But no one in the audience would clap or cheer when recent or new characters that are so beloved would show up. That’s because it was bland or it felt forced.

This film is called Batman vs Superman which is already a risk. A new Batman being introduced to fight the man of steel that emotionally feels wooden from his first film. Was it cool to see them on the screen for the first time? Hell yea it was; it was a dream come true as a film fan and superhero fan, but their dynamic wasn’t as amazing as they were in previous incarnations I’ve seen in animated films or series. Also battling for like 4 minutes throughout the entire movie? Are you serious?!

The rage that Batman felt towards Superman was a fantastic aspect to his character, but he never once mentioned his problems to Superman when they encountered each other. Those were missed opportunities for amazing dialogue exchange and performances.

What is usually incredibly interesting about these characters is their ideology on justice and how to insure the safety of other individuals, yet it wasn’t expressed at all. Their reasoning leading up to their main “fight” was just ridiculous and how they resolved it was also ridiculous.

They had 2 lines of dialogue exchanged in their first encounter. It was really underwhelming and disappointing. These actors had the capability/potential to give me iconic scenes I would remember forever, but they weren’t given enough to work with.

I thought their exchange/dynamic as Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne was way better than when they were as Batman and Superman.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was the thing I was worried about most ever since they casted her. She played Wonder Woman just fine. She isn’t a great actress, but she is serviceable. She was awesome to look at and watch during the fight sequences but nothing WOW like Affleck’s Batman. It’s hard to believe this was the best actress they could find to play the strongest/intimidating/courageous most iconic superhero female character of all time. I hope she’ll deliver just that in her standalone.

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor was okay. I understand what they were trying to do with his character, but for me the character was really odd. Yes, he was creepy and in his own way diabolical, but I never thought of him as a threat. He was more like a weirdo mad scientist?

That’s the thing with all these characters in this film, they all act or do things at some point that feel completely different from their original selves. I think that’s why I was very disconnected from them.

The story became a huge MESS once they started to implement certain things to notify us that they are creating a universe; that universe being the Justice League. These story arcs felt forced, altered the tone, and were just handled very sloppily.

The editing was one of the biggest problems of this movie. The story had potential to be great, but because they would constantly cut to different scenes once things started to get interesting, it didn’t feel as exciting anymore once they cut back. For example, and this was in the trailer, we see the trinity (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman) fighting Doomsday and then they cut to what Lois Lane is doing since she’s doing something near the area! WHY!?

They really tried to give Lois Lane a bigger part than she needed in this film and as a result, it was really irrelevant and again, forced.

Also, Doomsday did not belong in this movie. It almost ruined the whole movie for me actually. Why he was created was bad, how he was created was bad, how he looked was very bad haha. Doomsday belongs in a solo Superman movie after several sequels because he is the villain that has the capability to actually destroy Superman.

Furthermore, because I knew they were doing a Justice League movie, the stakes were completely thrown out the window. I didn’t feel any sense of danger because I knew everyone was going to be fine because the filmmakers told me so with all the Justice League foreshadowing. I was just kinda watching… hoping it was going to end on a good note.

I’m really sad about this actually. I love movies and I love superheroes. I wanted this movie to be amazing and at first, it was. Once it started to go downhill, I felt so uncomfortable. I kept sighing and wishing they would change/enhance certain things. I wanted to love this film. But I have to be honest with how I feel and it sucks to feel this way about a Batman and Superman movie.

Maybe if I see the film again I can get more out of it and enjoy it for what it is. It is what it is 😦

Overall, I loved the first hour, I loved the controversy surrounding Superman, I loved the majority of the visual effects, and I loved Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne/Batman. It started to deteriorate for me once they incorporated too many story arcs, poor editing, and poor direction.

I appreciated what Synder has done with this franchise so far, but I think it’s time to pass the torch so that we can see a different and fresh vision of these characters I love so much. I’m very excited to see what David Ayer is going to do with Suicide Squad!

Please go see this film! It’s monumental to cinematic history and maybe you’ll love it which I’ll be extremely happy to hear! This movie is such a great example of subjectivity. People will love it, like it, dislike it, and hate it. I love the discussion and insight that films can bring, such as this one. If you love it, I’m very happy for you so don’t let anyone else’s insight change your experience.

I didn’t hate this film, I loved several things about it, I just wish I enjoyed it more and I loved it overall. My rating for this film is 6.5/10 😦

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