Review: The Magnificent 7 (No Spoilers)

By Tim

Imagine a town that is in desperate peril. An evil business man has chosen to run you out of your homes for his own greed. Your husband/wife lay shot dead after protesting against these unfair terms and you seek vengeance and to save your town. Who do you call? 



From L to R: Jack Horne, Red Harvest, Vasquez, Goodnight Robicheaux, Chisolm, Joshua Faraday, and Billy Rocks. 


What I liked about this movie:

  • The movie is ACTION PACKED. I admired that the movie took care to invoke the classic things that made the Western genre so fun to watch. This movie’s action sequences will definitely make you feel like a kid again, and I mean that in a good way.
  • The acting is solid. About what you expect plus a little more from all the actors. You can still see the Star Lord presence of Chris Pratt though, hahahaha.
  • I loved the diverse casting (Native American, Asian American, African American). It was great to see the cast come together and reach a common goal. For me personally, I love films that do that, have a common goal where a band of rogues come together to achieve (which is why I’m looking forward to Rogue One).


    Don’t mess with the clique!

  • The movie does not dwell too long, it shows what it needs to and advances the story so it does not stagnate in one place. There are no extensively boring scenes and the pacing for the most part was solid. 
  • I also appreciated the stakes, the risks, and the costs each character makes in this film. (You’ll see what I mean when you watch). 

What I disliked about this movie: 

  • The villain played by Peter Saarsgard was weak. He suffered from the “not-being-used-enough-and-is-overtly-evil-because-of-it” syndrome. While he served his purpose, there was absolutely nothing memorable about his character and was literally only there to drive the plot forward, there was no other substance about him. 
  • Although the movie did not stagnate and the pacing was good, the cost of that was the lack of development of the characters. I get that juggling 7 characters plus more is rather difficult. But not even the heavy hitters such as Washington and Pratt got good character development. There is some history presented with them but it falls flat and it isn’t really enough. There are also other characters in this film (you’ll find out who) that are really cool and awesome but don’t stand out enough or not given enough development to care for all too much.


    There could’ve been much more for Hawke’s Robicheaux along with the others. 

Overall the movie does it’s job. It’s a fun Western and you shouldn’t be looking for an Oscar-worthy delivery here (not implying that it’s bad). If you’re looking for a good way to spend an afternoon go check out this movie!

Does it live up to the original? Ask Daniel for that one, hahahaha! But having not seen the original and seeing this one only, I’d say at face value both films are relatively on par. But of course, originals will always be better than the re-make (even though the original was a re-make hahahaha). 

I give Magnificent 7 a 7.5/10, lackluster on the characters and villain, but makes up for it in action and charisma. 


Rocket! Groot! Gamora! Drax! Mantis! Yondu! Where are you guys? Back him up!

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