Tim’s Review of ‘Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens’ (No Spoilers)

This movie has been out for weeks. There should be no “spoilers” in this cause you all should know the story by now. If you haven’t seen the film, what are you waiting for? Do it. Do it NOW!!!

Star WarsI’ve been a fan of Star Wars since I was nine years old. Not only have the films impacted my childhood greatly, but the novels, comics, and games all have a soft spot in my heart.

In fact, way before the announcement of a new film, what Star Wars fans call the “Expanded Universe” was all that we had. The Expanded Universe was filled with characters that I came to know and love. Kyle Katarn, Revan, Corran Horn, Lumiya, Abeloth, Overlord Shimraa, Cade Skywalker, Mandalore the Ultimate, Antares Draco, Zayne Carrick, Meetra Surik, Anakin Solo… the list is infinite.

The Old Republic games, novels, and comics all detailed what happened before. The Clone Wars comics, show, and novels all detailed what happened in the middle. The New Republic, Galacatic Alliance, and Legacy Era all depicted what happened after Endor. So what was new to tell?

When George Lucas (the man who arguably ruined Star Wars despite being the creator) sold Star Wars to Disney I was upset. Not because I thought Disney was going to put Princesses or other crap, but because I knew that if they were going to make new movies, the Expanded Universe I came to love would have to die. At the beginning I was biased against it. Even after the first trailer dropped I was still adamant that this movie sucks and that the EU (Expanded Universe) will always be better.

Star Wars EU

Is it bad to say that I was wrong?

What I liked LOVED about this film:

-The visual effects are phenomenal. I love the mix of practical effects and CGI. One of the most flagrant problems I had with the Prequel Trilogy was the overuse of CGI. It’s refreshing and nice to finally get practical effects and practical sets again. Props to the actors and crew for filming in the desert, the end result was phenomenal and they managed to make a desert look and feel like the planet Jakku without even trying.

-The acting is terrific. If there’s one thing that plagued the Star Wars saga was subpar acting. Even in the Original Trilogy, line delivery and the overall mood of the actors were dull, cheesy, or lacking. The Force Awakens cast is talented, the director does a great job of guiding the actors, and the old cast have grown up and matured into their roles. Overall the movie’s acting is definitely not Oscar worthy, but the first Star Wars film to actually carry its own weight in that department.

-The story. I understand the criticism behind the story completely. In many ways, it did feel like a rehash of the Episodes IV-VI, but it did it so well! You have to understand, after the prequel trilogy was released, Abrams and the studio had to play it safe. There’s no way that this movie could fail or else… man I don’t even want to think about it. The story hearkens back to what Star Wars was all about and it was something fans of the old trilogy and new fans and kids could all enjoy. The story goes way back to what Star Wars was originally all about, fighting against insurmountable odds with the great theme of hope and “the light side”.

What I disliked:

-It. Was. Too. Short. That’s all really haha. I know this film had a run-time of over 2 hours but it went by too fast. It could have gotten away with an extra 15 in my opinion. Maybe it could have expanded more on the Knights of Ren, and possibly extended the cameo we got at the end.

I am a die-hard Star Wars fanatic. This review is my honest opinion without any bias. Star Wars VII is a breath of fresh air, and the nostalgia factor added to it helped as well. Definitely one of those movies that will be remembered for decades to come, just like the Saga we originally had. Finn, Poe, Kylo, Rey, Hux, and the ever so menacing Snoke are all amazing characters added to the Star Wars lore. I’m glad they’re a part of this universe.

Was this movie worth the cancelling of the EU I grew up with? I can safely say yes. May the force be with you all!

9.5/10 movie perfection.

One response to “Tim’s Review of ‘Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens’ (No Spoilers)

  1. wow…being the HUGE Fan that you claim to be….you liked this movie…the remake of NEW HOPE…
    All that is wrong with SW VII
    1 – story line – been there saw that and JJ even abridged it this time.
    2 – Death star – death moon/planet…only this time it sucks dry a SUN to produce death ray/lazer…Hmmm EVERY PLANET that orbited that sun would die..all life in that solar system would DIE….The Empire charges their weapon and basically commits suicide. It would be a time use, you can’t recharge a SUN…..this concept is so dumb..
    3 – All Jedi had received long training and years as Padawan before they could control the abilities this young girl seems be able to control in a matter of hours…..
    Those are just the BIG ones…the ones that slap us SW Fans in the face…

    Things that were great
    1 – CAST…OMG all back together again…and JJ didn’t use them to full effect…Their rolls were like extended cameos….
    2 – The CGI, the Falcon, R2D2…
    3 – The villains Kylo and Snoke, yes so much potential there wasted in this movie…

    The movie lacked substance….I wanted to go on a journey…not see the same movie as New Hope or Return of the Jedi with better CGI

    But thats what disney does…it’s not about the story or the fans…its about merchandising.


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