Angel’s Review of ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ (Non-Spoiler)

Movie Description: 

“Alice returns to the whimsical world of Wonderland and travels back in time to save the Mad Hatter.”


I saw Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland and thought it was just okay just because I simply didn’t feel connected to his vision. I felt it was bland and didn’t care for the characters. Visually it was extremely interesting, but the rest didn’t appeal to me. I had no idea what the next installment was about and wasn’t planning to see it, but I got the chance to watch it with my family! Let’s get started 🙂

I REALLY enjoyed Alice Through The Looking Glass. I loved the story. It’s a time travel film and I had no clue! Time Travel is something I’ll watch in every film, whether it’s executed poorly or masterfully, I find myself most invested with those type of narratives. This movie did a really good job of implementing that plot device without any blunt flaws regarding continuity. I’m sure there were problems, but it wasn’t distracting for me and that means the director did a great job of keeping the story very focused.


The characters had more depth! Previously, they felt more wooden because they weren’t really developed. These felt like new characters that differentiated from the animated classic because of the atmosphere, tone, and story that Tim Burton created. Through The Looking Glass gave me scenes of exposition, dialogue, and relationships of certain characters that allowed me to understand who they were, why they were, and CARE for them.


The themes that the film presented were important and beautiful! Messages I interpreted were: equality for all, don’t let society determine who you are and what you can’t do, dream BIG and do your best to make those dreams possible if it’s impossible, family is important, you can only learn from the past, and time is a gift that we should cherish even if it’s a second. All of these messages are elements that I try my best to incorporate in my daily perspective/experiences. They were handled so well in the film, which gave it so much more heart and allowed me to reflect, maybe to look through the mirror and see myself, upon how I approach each day in life better.


It was visually gorgeous. They visuals weren’t spectacular, but I never looked away and none of the effects took me out of the experience. This was a world that was colorful and I wouldn’t mind living in!

I didn’t have any problems with Alice Through The Looking Glass. The performances from everyone were solid. They gave it the best with what they were given. I just simply wasn’t blown away by the film or loved it!


Overall, I REALLY enjoyed Alice Through The Looking Glass. I loved the story, cared for the characters, loved the underlying messages, and appreciated the beautiful visual effects. I definitely recommend seeing this one! Thanks so much for reading this because I really appreciate that. My grade for this film is 8.5/10!



2 responses to “Angel’s Review of ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ (Non-Spoiler)

  1. Great review! I felt the same way! Time was my favourite character. Even though it had nothing to do with Lewis Carroll’s story, I loved the back stories of the characters. Especially the Queen of Hearts.

    I honestly feel this movie is being highly underrated and that’s unfortunate.

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    • perfectly said!! The exposition of all the characters were SO WELL DONE! ESPECIALLY Queen of Hearts, that’s another thing that i forgot to mention was the theme of forgiveness. There were a lot of beautiful moments in this movie and i don’t understand the criticism? Thank you so much for reading this review i really appreciate the time you took to do that! -Angel 🙂

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