A Quiet Place (No Spoilers)

By Angel

Movie description: “A family is forced to live in silence while hiding from creatures that hunt by sound.”

Amazing movie that gripped me from beginning to end. I had anxiety the entire time, mainly due to the use of sound to establish what happened in this world. This aspect effected myself and everyone in the theater because we all found out during the hook of the movie, which was brilliant, what happened when a noise was made. This movie had the power to silence the theater and completely immerse everyone in the movie which is so rare nowadays with audiences. It’s a fantastic and unique horror movie that actually creates a bleak atmosphere full of tension. The use of audio was genius. The concluding moment involves a sound effect and it was just a sick way to end the movie!

All the performances were freaking incredible. Emily Blunt of course steals the show, proves to me again why she is my favorite actress working today. She can do any role she wants because she commits 100 percent. She has the craziest scenes in the movie, one including the scene from the trailer where she is giving birth, but isn’t’ allowed to scream….how the heck was she able to do that!?! The fact that all these actors conveyed enough emotion with just their expressions and body language is a testament to how great the performances really are. I was blown away by everyone. I believed the fear in their eyes, which is so impressive knowing they were acting against a CGI creature. The creature looked creepy, a little cliché, but still I would never want to be in a room with it.

Cinematography looked wonderful. The camera cleverly informed me on what I needed to know about this world, about what had happened since it is never directly revealed through dialogue.

I loved all the characters. The chemistry was as good as it can get in film. The scenes that provided levity to further develop the bonds between them, whether their connections were strong or deteriorating, were excellent. I truly cared about the fate of this family. There’s one scene specifically that brought me to tears because of how connected I was with the relationships allowing the main message of the movie to be embraced.

The music was outstanding. I loved the main original soundtrack so much. When a song in a movie plays to elevate the scene in quality for emotional stimulation and gives you goosebumps, that’s when you know you have created something special. I also love that they showed us in the movie how important music can be in our lives, allowing us to escape reality for a moment and feel happiness through the lyrics and sound.

It’s unbelievable that John Krasinski directed this movie as his debut. He did an impeccable job as director making a successful horror movie where the focus was really about family and love.


Parents must protect their children at all costs and love is unconditional.

Grade: A+ (10/10)


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